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RE: Upcycled Compost Tumbler

in Build-It6 months ago

That is sooooo freeking awesome, you really blow me away with your innovative apartment gardening Phe!!

PS: How is Emmy doing? I've been wondering about her since that frost...


Emmy after frost.jpg
This is what happened to her first baby leaves from that frost. :( I haven't seen any new ones yet, but I pulled off the crunchy parts today in the hope that helps. She grew a second set last year after the spider mites so I'm hoping since she didn't even have half her leaves started she'll grow new ones again now. Am keeping an eye on her and continuing to water and feed. <3

C'mon Emmy I'm rooting for you! I beleaf in youuuuuu!!!!

Hahahaha 🤣 thought I'd give you a few more groan worthy moments tonight!

You're so punny! I'm barking with laughter! :)