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In such unprecedented times, Christmas presents can also be out of the norm, away from big malls flashy presents, and back to the basic, which is what matters, more so ALIVE.

Well, technically it shows that it has life, and that life can provide untreated nutrients.

And what better to offer my successful experiment discovery to people I know who will really need it?

I have a little sister and friend who always been very prudent in her food, but lately I realised that she has lost so much weight that her health becomes me and my friends' concern.

Being introvert and also a small eater, I have hardly seen her having any fresh greens because the vegetables are usually in bigger portions and ended up most of the time her vegetables ended up rotting in the fridge.

So having an evergreen mini vegetable patch for her small apartment could do the trick.

Just so happened I managed to trade my baby Capsicum seedling 🌱 for an empty 5L Bottle I could move my existing 1.5L terrarium vege container to a bigger one, and just so happen this can be for her.

As she is quite a perfectionist in decorating her limited food to make it presentable and more appetising, I hope by the time it is ready for Christmas she can enjoy the fresh Brazilian Spinach and Red Watercress combination that has nutrients still intact that is beneficial for her health and her wallet too!

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