Resistor Drawers To Help Organization

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With a BaoFeng on one side and a stack of pens on the other, I think this provides a good sense of scale to the Resistor Box that adorns my desktop. Because I am still new to the hobby and don't have a ton of random components, I ordered bundles of various resistors for use in a multitude of projects. They range from 1 ohm all the way up to 3 M ohm and I was finding it very frustrating to sort through one by one to find the 4.7k resistors. (for example.)

Here is the file on THINGIVERSE if you wish to print your own. Mine are held together with super glue.


Notice the 2nd black drawer in the green box and it's raised corner. I am not sure what happened there. I printed all these boxes one at a time, one after another and did it all at the same settings. Two of the boxes did this. One green and one black, which is annoying to the eye, but unaffects the performance. I should also note that I sped up the printing process to a whopping 200% It was zipping the drawers out in under an hour. So two errors like that at 200% is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE in my books!

You can see here that the boxes are perfectly sized for resistor bundles from China. It's almost like the guy who designed these boxes bought the exact same product I did. Which is why I chose to go with this design. I am grateful that the 3D Printing community is so giving. They want to share and have their stuff used by anyone, not worried wether people pay them for the novelty. You can also see below that the drawers are just shy of the size of a large BIC lighter. Not that I intended to put lighters in there. I just thought to use it as a size comparison.


I failed to take any photos of the printing process, but let's be honest, you kinda know what that looks like. So here is a "Crochet wand" mid-print instead. My wife is teaching a Harry Potter themed year of english and I found this while looking for wands to print for her. After having printed this I would say it's definitely for looks and not to be used. You would need to sand it alot to get it to the desired smoothness required to not catch on the yarn as you crochet.



Nice print file you've found there. Which Ender printer do you have? We have the basic Ender 3.

Same with me, a basic Ender 3 and a warped flexible magnetic print bed. I have to put it further back on the metal platform or else the nozzle will scrape the bed in the warped spots :/ replacement hasn't arrived yet.

I have noticed that this is an extremely old file, from 2014, and has quite a few remixes.

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Are you happy with this printer? I've been hoping to invest in one. The prints look great.

As a first 3D printer, yes I am happy with it. It produces lovely pieces for the price. One complaint is that the metal heating bed upon which your print lies is ever so slightly dished, and this is a common complaint for enders. And can lead to some inconsistent printing at the first few layers. It's not enough to make poor results on prints, but it is enough to give you a bit of grief while leveling your bed (something you need to do almost every print)