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Hello greeting from my side to my Hive friends. It's been a tough day for me but I had to think of doing something today to promote #Hive. Well I was doing some cleaning today and found my Acer Chromebook's box so I thought of doing something creative with it. This brought to the conclusion of making a kitchen stove with it.


image0 1.png

So This was the Acer Chromebook's box.
image0 1.png

Then later cut it apart

image0 1.png

After cutting I assembled it again to make the base of my kitchen stove.

image0 1.png


After I was done with the base I had to make the burners

image0 1.png

Then I later transferred it unto the base of my kitchen stove

image0 1.png

I added a cover to my kitchen stove

image0 1.png

After adding the cover to the stove I had to make a stand where my saucepan could sit on

image0 1.png

Finally, I placed the stand on the stove and added the regulators too.


It was a great experience make this stove. I wish I can use it to cook haha.
Thank you for having a look.




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Aww thanks for supporting my work. I really appreciate it

This kitchen replica is great, especially for children to play. I congratulate you on your creativity and inventiveness. I think that every person who creates or invents something out of nothing has an artist touch. A great greeting.

You have a great ability, that kitchen was great, it's a beauty, I love it, you deserve all the votes for your ability.

Awww, thank yoooouuu very much @actioncats. Your words are really encouraging. I'm really happy you loved my creativity

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This is a very neat and beautiful job. I love the idea of ​​making toys or replicas from material that we are no longer going to use. Greetings and blessings.

Aww thank you very much @tarot911. I really appreciate it. Greetings to you too. Stay blessed

Esta super genial, me parece muy ingenioso.

Muchas gracias @aularjavier

waooo what a wonderful creation, I congratulate you, I really like that kitchen replica, it is ideal for children ... Greetings

Aww thank you very much my friend.

Hi friend @johnasu

The cardboard electric stove was very nice.

I imagine your children will be delighted to play with it.