New experience on repair of fan

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Hello hive,

Today I choose to attend to my fan, because of the intensed heat we are experiencing in the northern part of the country,
At this period of the year in this part the weather condition is always very hot everyone tends to find a means to survive the current situation by purchasing a fan or air conditioner, my issue was how to rectify the imbalances with my fan, it makes Series of sounds and the noise gives me the idea that something might be wrong with the rotor or so particles present in the coil then i choose to attempt solving the problem myself,



I started dismantling it by removing the blade guild or protector, then the block cover, i brought out the coil then remove all unwanted particles in the coil and the surrounding


I then checked the rotor which helps the rotation process i find out the screw at that point is getting rust then changed it


After all checks was done i started reassembling
i tested it after coupling it and its now In order
It was fun trying this and i hope you can also try this, it will also help you to save cost of repair
Thanks for checking my blog





Its good to see you working and finding solutions to your gadgets fault