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RE: Mazunte Roof Build - Up on the Roof Again

in Build-It4 months ago

Wow, amazing build, I love the design, going to borrow a few ideas if you don’t mind 😅


Of course, by any means. That's sort of the idea actually. Glad to answer any questions you may have.

Nice, for example, what should be considered when placing the first log of the reciprocal roof? Do you keep it in place with a holder until all the other logs are in place?

Yes, it's called a Charlie stick. It needs to be placed so that the first log is a bit higher than the last, so you can lower it down on it once all of the logs are in place. We used a heavy duty car jack for that, with an additional Charlie stick, alternatingly lowering it little by little.

I’m going to try doing something similar in the expansion I’m building for the shelter, see if I cam get it right, thanks for the tip!