DİY Concept: Making a Napkin Holder

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Hello Hive Family. I am with you again with DIY concept. Today I made another beautiful object. I made a napkin holder for you today. So what are our ingredients?


As a priority, our materials; wooden sticks, hot silicone gun and scissors. Our materials are ok. So, how is the Napkin holder made?


First, we cut 4 wooden sticks as you can see in the picture.


As you can see in the picture, we stick the pieces of wood we cut.


Next, we glue the 2 wooden sticks as you can see in the picture.


Finally, we glue all the parts as you can see in the picture.


All operations are completed. Now we can put our napkins. Feel happy while using it. :))

Thanks for Reading and Supports.


Hi @crysis! Thank you for posting through our Hive Community Page This article will be passed to other curation projects for more votes support. Keep up the good works!

I really appreciated. Thanks for your nice supports @build-it :))

Really cool idea. I think folks with creative minds like yours are a rare breed today. I sure wouldn't have thought of this.

@joebrochin it is really nice to read this. I am really appreciated. Thank you so much.

You are welcome.