DİY Concept: Making a Box with Slide Cover

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Hello Hive Family. I am with you again with DIY concept. Today I made another beautiful object. I made a box with slide Cover for you. So what are our materials?


As a priority, our materials; wooden sticks, hot silicone gun and scissors. Our materials are ok. So, how is the Box with Slide Cover made?


First, I glued 2 pieces of 3 wooden sticks as you can see in the picture. Then I glued 2 pieces of 2 wooden sticks.


Then I cut the ends of the wooden sticks with scissors. As you can see in the picture, I cut 1 wooden stick lengthwise.


I combined the wooden pieces with glue. A shape appeared as you can see in the picture.


Finally, I covered the top of the box with 2 wooden sticks. I made a slide cover. I made a handle for the top of the cover. Now our box is ready. Our box is open as you can see in the picture.


Our box is close as you can see in the picture. Now our box is ready. Feel happy while using it. :))

Thanks for Reading and Supports.


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I am just taken aback by what you are able to do with just a glue gun and tongue suppressor sticks. Do you just experiment to come up with these ideas, or do you sit and design it out on paper first?

Hello @joebrochin I'm doing these projects just thinking. I'm not designing projects. I'm not making an outline. I just use my imagination. :))