How to make a Christmas tree with Gianduiotti chocolates.

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I have a store that sells chocolates, panettone and gift items.
It's not a very easy period for businesses like mine but I love my business and most of all I love to create and invent.
Today I'm going to show you how to make a simple Christmas tree made with a special kind of chocolates: the Gianduiotti.

The Gianduiotto is a famous Italian chocolate. It has a characteristic shape similar to an upside down boat and it was produced for the first time by the Caffarel company back in 1865.
Today there are many companies producing this particular and delicious chocolate and most of them are from Turin.

The chocolates I will use in my tutorial are Gianduiotti produced and commercialized by the Italian company Venchi famous in Italy for the high quality of its products.

The shape of Gianduiotti lends itself very well to make a small Christmas tree.

Tutorial step by step

What is needed?

The realization is simple and requires:

  • 21 Gianduiotti chocolates
  • 1 double-sided tape
  • one decorative ribbon
  • 1 scissors


After showing you all the necessary equipment I can move to the workbench.


I take a strip of double-sided tape and peel off only one side of the tape film.


On the part of the tape from which I removed the protective film I start to place the chocolates one after the other in a row as shown in the following picture.


I form a row of six chocolates.
This will be the base of a small pyramid of chocolates.


Now I can cut off the excess double-sided tape as shown in the following photo.


Now I take another strip of double-sided tape.
I remove the protective film on one side only and have the tape glued to the base of chocolates I previously created.


I cut the double-sided tape and remove the second protective film.


I proceed to form a second row of chocolates on top of the initial base.


The second level of the pyramid will consist of 5 chocolates.


Once I have placed the 5 chocolates on top of the initial 6 I repeat the same operation I did to create the second level of the pyramid.


Each level of the pyramid will have one less chocolate than the level below ...


...until you get to the last level, the top of the pyramid that contains a single chocolate.


And here is the completed pyramid.


But the work is not finished yet :)

To make the pyramid more beautiful and more similar to a Christmas tree I take a strip of a white decorative ribbon for packaging and place it on the workbench.
Now I peel off the second protective film of the double-sided tape that is under the base of the pyramid and place the pyramid on the decorative tape that will stick in this way to the base of the pyramid.


I create a beautiful bow.



Now the small but sweet Christmas tree made of chocolates is complete and ready to be put on display in the store.


Do you like it?


On the golden chocolates, a colored ribbon (red for example) would have been perfect, as it would have highlighted the contrast between the two colors, but I used the white ribbon because the tree I created is meant to decorate a plate that has the same colors of the tree: golden and white.


I hope you liked this post and I hope I gave you an easy and cute idea to make a gift more special than a classic box of chocolates.

Christmas is just around the corner and I hope it will be a beautiful and peaceful Christmas for everyone.

All photos used in this post are my property


That looks awesome! I don’t think I tried those amazing little chocolates when I was in Italy but boy was there lots of fantastic treats! Pannetone was one of my favorites! There was a place in Siena that was just two blocks from our apartment and we got numerous treats from them lol.

Italy is full of delicacies, you are so right @cmplxty :)
If you come back to Italy you have to try Gianduiotti too.
Thank you for stopping by my post and since Christmas is just around the corner I wish you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

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