MyPictureDay Challenge Round #9- Meeting with the butterflies

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Good afternoon dear friends

In my opinion, we who like photography, amateurs and without proper equipment, always with a smartphone in hand, taking pictures of butterflies is an art of patience and also counting on a lot of luck.
These photos of these three species, I took on a day that I was walking down a street in my neighborhood


When passing in front of a house, there was a small garden on the sidewalk, so I stopped to photograph some flowers, which were very beautiful


Suddenly some butterflies were flying close to them, I confess that it was not easy to photograph.
I had to choose a flower, be practically immobile and with the smartphone already positioned, because the photo would have to be very close, to be very clear


I had tried this kind of photos before, but I never got it, they never looked good.
Anyway, everything was rewarding for being able to share, through photography, these wonderful creatures that nature allows us to admire


Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime smartphone

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Beautiful pictures of butterflies!

Thank you dear friend