An amazing designers shirt i customized 😁

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Wow hivers, good morning, its a pleasure to be with you guys again, am always so happy sharing my Creativity with you guys because, i will get comments in return and through your comments I'll get corrections on the area am slacking and improve myself. 🤓 still celebrating the love of Christ. Happy Easter hivers i love you guys so very much. 😁
Today i customized a very spectacular, unique, amazing design, actually after i had finished sewing this cloth i was just contemplating if the design was fine or not, though when my client came for the cloth he saw the design he was so happy with what he saw he even doubled the amount he was supposed to pay me because he loved the design i customized for him,( quick one) as a fashion designers or a skilled perennial, you must learn to be creative, yeah! exploring other people's creativity you see is good tho because its help a lot when your trying to create your own original design but learn to customize your own designs because that will make you stand out and be unique trust me am speaking out of experience. So I'll advised you try creating your own stuffs. Anyways as i was saying my client was very pleased with my design but yet i wasn't still satisfied with myself but guys to my greatest surprise i was so shocked and short of words after i saw my client rocked the outfit to a concert and he sent me pictures 😃👇
Its looks awesome right? yea i know😁 i can imagine someone smiling 😃 already, see! You can't help it just keep smiling that what my brand its all about, @smilestitches😊 we put smiles on people faces through our creativity. Am just so very excited sharing this with you guys, and there's nothing as exciting as when your client love what you offer him/her, personally its gives me so much joy. So i want to share with you guys , i just hope it would boost your creativity world!
So lets begin😁 firstly i arranged the material am going to be using 👇


IMG_20210304_133804_9.jpg. As you already seen my materials are ready.
I took the ankara material, i spread it wide or should i say i unfolded it and spread it on my sewing machine, i took the gold material, spread it wide on to the ankara material that was already on the machine, i sewed them together👇



IMG_20210304_141848_9.jpg after joining them together, this what you'll be see👇



I took up the black, measure and cut out 2inches, with my iron i bend both sides half inches in and am left with 1inch size of it, to cover up the joining between the ankara and the gold material i had to use the 1inches black i finished bending, i lay it in between the joining and sew it together 👇

IMG_20210304_145646_8.jpg with this the material ready for cutting. 😁 i just hope you guys understand what have done so far? Anyways am not intending to leave anybody behind we move and explore together, note (To anyone that is finding it difficult to understand a particular thing in this design or any of my posts, just use the comment section to ask your question and i will be glad to explain deeper to your understanding.)
Now to the cutting, actually it's a shirt not a kaftan so first thing first like i said in one of my previous posts, is after you've taken client measurement, you fold the cloth into two equal parts then since its a shirt note!! Very important, after folding the cloth into two equal part you first measure 2inch out from the body for the button and it's hole also "note" if it's a male's shirt then the button hole will be on the lift side while the button side will be on right hand side but if it's a female, the button hole will be on the right while the button will go to the lift always be conscious of that, then after you've skipped 2inch for the button and the hole then you start from that 2inch to take the body measurement and cut.
After the cutting i first bend that 2inch i kept for button hole, i bend the button side at 1.7inch while the button hole side which is the lift side at 1inch and i sewed them, then the front was ready for exploring, i then move to the sewing.
IMG_20210304_233201_9.jpg after that i joined the back to the finished front👇
As you've seen this shirt is not really hard once you done with those joining that's all, the remaining things are just your normal sewing pattern! 😃 right after i joined the back to the front, i bend the material and cut the sleeve, prepare the slit👇
for the shirt band and trim the shoulder and join the sleeve to the shirt
after that you close the body to the measurement of your client and bend the down part about half inches and your shirt is ready. 😃 the material was still remaining after i had finish sewing the shirt
then i used the remaining material to sew the trouser, i followed the same spread and cut i used for the shirt. So that was how i successfully finish the trouser. 👇

Going through the pictures i took, have observed that i didn't cover how i made the
*full shirt collar
*sleeve slit
*hand band
Am so sorry guys, forgive me 🙇 i promise i will be doing a full section for each of them soon. Just stay with me i promise more are coming your way!
#Stay safe, keep following all the covid-19 protocols, wash your hands at all times, maintain at least 1 kilometer distance from others, always step out with your noise max,
Stay indoors if going out isn't necessary, avoid crowed places, avoid hand contact to any sensitive part of your face above all always sanitize your hands. Mind you those👆 guild lines isn't only for preventing covid19 but its a normal routine Hygiene, we should all do to stay healthy and strong. In all i want you all to stay healthy for me so we could explore together. 😁 i love you guys, #stay safe
Thanks for reading!!!


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Thank you so very much, i will

This is a spectacular design, the way you played with the fabrics and achieved a perfect harmony is simply beautiful. You worked on a unique design, that your client loved, and I pay more, that is the result of a job well done. Endless blessings

Omg 😱 thank you so much for those heart touching words and you've encouraged me also in the process, thank you so very much i feel so blessed 😁