Amazing steps on how to neatly knot a tie @smilestitches😊

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Hello hivers, its a beautiful day isn't it😁? Hope you all are doing well. Actually am fine and excited today as well you see, each day I wake up to see another day is always an excited thing so am very much happy for the Almighty's grace with has kept me alive so am happy and I'll always be happy 😀.

Today I had a seminar to attend so I was just contemplating on what to wear to the lecture,  then I thought of a cooperate outfit which are:

A trouser,
A shirt,
A tie.
But my tie wasn't knotted so I thought of sharing the process of how I knotted and wore it to the lecture.

First step

   I ironed it to be straight and smooth for a neat knotting.  After ironing it I bend it to my head size,  with the smaller side to the left and the bigger side to the  right and on top of the  smaller side,  leaving the  smaller one under the bigger one just like this👇


Second step

     I then bend the bigger side   again but this time to the left side and under the smaller one,  leaving the smaller one to the right and on top of the bigger one👇


Third step

   I bend the bigger one again to the right side and on top of the smaller one, but this time you won't make its as tight as the first bending,  you will leave a gape. After the bending  now leaving the smaller one to the left side and under the bigger one but its funny tho switching of positions 😁😁👇


Fourth step

     I turned the bigger side to the top where the head will pass then I connected it down and pass through the gape I left during the  **third step, I passed it through there and brought it down to lock and tighten the knot. 👇



Fifth step

    I neatly arranged it and  wore it to my lectures 😁. 





With those few steps my tie was ready and I wore it to the seminar and it was fun, thanks for reading and God bless you, do have a wonder day. See you in my next post😁