A most captivating design @smilestitches😊 (putting smiles on faces)

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Hello everyone 👋, good evening to you all, I hope we're all doing very well, am fine too. Okay few day ago made a lovely outfit which I wore to church last week Sunday, so I want to share tips on how I got it done, hopefully I believe it will sure help boost your Creativity. Actually I made a "senator dress" that's how its called but I didn't use a senator material in sewing it rather I used a vintage material used mostly in sewing shirts to sew it, I just imagined it would be nice when am done and I guess I was right.

 Actually this design I saw online captivated me to make mine👇


Now this is me rocking the one I made 👇



Making outfit was very simple and quick, I didn't spend up to 2 hours getting this ready!!!

Items used:
Navy blue Material
White material
White readymade zip
Two threads, navy blue & white thread



 I lay my material and cut to my body measurement. 👇



its mine actually,
After my cutting I ironed out a straight line in the center of the front as usual to centralize the design am going to be making, after ironing out a straight line in the front. Now my front was ready for designing 👇


Step two:

I took the white and cut out 2inches size and 15inches length, I cut out 4 using the measurement and I took them to the iron and I ironed out 1inches size and 13inches length each, after ironing them out I decided to use them to check out other designs 😁 🤷 👇






They are nice right? 😁 yeah I know, okay after my exaggerations I later stick to my original design.

Step three

 After I finished ironing  the four pieces of white I'll  be using. I first placed the side ones about 10inches away from each other 👇





Step four

 I then placed the bottom one not longer than the ones at the sides👇 



Step five:

I then placed the last white piece at the top about 13inches distances away from the down one to complete the square👇



Step six:

  I cut the white again about 10inches size and 12inche length and I ironed out my pocket from there and I sewed it inside the box leaving a spacing of 1inches around it to blend my design 👇





Finally on the designing, I prepared a pocket cover and place it to complete my design 👇




My front was ready and I piped the neck and inserted my readymade zip and I joined the back, trim the shoulder to my size and I joined the body to my measurement then my outfit was ready!!!

I had to take much pictures on this one, because I was sewing home.

Thanks friends for reading, stay save! I love you guys!!!


I don't know how to sew cloths for men, but you are tempting me to learn. This is truly beautiful and you got the design just like the one in the picture


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Thanks so much, I appreciate

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Oh my gosh! 😲 thank you so very much @misterengagement am so grateful and I appreciate

My dear, its fun ooo making something for yourself and I love my work so much, I'll love to teach you as well if your willing to learn 😁 am just happy you liked my design

I'll probably need your help if I want to make one as a gift 😂😂 I don't know, I just like how it looks

Don't worry am here for you my dear🤗

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