My NeedleworkMonday___ New Square Pants From Old Skirt

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Hello guys! I am supposed to draft this but I`ve slept off:). Anyways, I have already prepared the photos beforehand so it would be a lot easier to insert the details. Actually, I've cut this when Antonia waa still in Grade IV Level. She's now in Grade VI. Lol!


The material used is a long skirt which I've bought at the rummage store purposely to be made as blousy to hide my fats! Lol!. But this one has electric pleats that's perfect for square pants.

The fabfic is georgette. Sewing square pants is like a pajama. You only need to fold it as you can see on the above photo, and do the cut on the inner side only.


With this kind of cloth, the strands will tend to spread hence it's best to burn the edge with a candle, or sew it first on the right side then on the reverse side to make a clean cut.


Done. I only needed a garter for the waistline.


Granny should be creative to dress up Antonia with what's available because kids at ages 10-15 tend to grow fast when they reach puberty. Oh well, I have lots in those boxes and safely stored that can used as the need arises.

This is aĺl for now, thank you for dropping by my page and before I forget, thanks to @crosheille, @muscara, @marblely and @neumannsalva.

Till then,



Wow! That"s my dream to know how to cut and sew perfect pants fit.

It's easy dear. Just make a trace of your pants by folding it and follow the curves then make at least 6 inches allowance on each side. Try it

Reusing and repurposing fabric is SUCH a good idea!! Nice job!!

Indeed! It's a durable fabric too. It is advantageous if you know how to sew it yourself.

Thank you for passing by!

Always grateful for my mom who taught me to sew!

Really? Bless her. My kids follow my art in handicrafts too. Now, Antonia loves to sew too. Her aunt gave her a mini sewing machine at the age of 8. She was overwhelmed. You see, even if you're already a professional, you need to know how to use a needle.:)

Ganda model sister.

Yes sis, para talaga sa kanya yan. Maliit pa si baby Hanna eh. Gawan ko mga pala yon maliit na pambahay bukas.

Love love lolay mga apo

Oh yeah...sobra...


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you made wonderful pants. it really suits the baby !!!!

Thanks dear. Yes, she likes to pose as my model too.:)
Thank you for dropping by.

Another great recycling @sarimanok .... what a good idea and it turned out beautifully!

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