My Needlework Monday: Handy Hand Sanitizer Holder for Covid19 Prevention

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Help guys! It's Monday once again, and time to show our unique talents! My project today is handy hand sanitizer holder. I made this on purpose, because I only carry a crocheted pouch whenever I go out for some errands.

My pouch would look deformed and bulky if I insert a little hand sanitizer hence I opted to make a petite holder where I can easily hang or attach it on my motorcycle. No need to dig on my pouch over and over again!


That's how it looked like when I finished my crocheting. I attached a white crochet flower to enhance its beauty.

Photos show how I made it. Actually, it's very simple and easy to make.


You don't need to take it out from the holder. Just open the top cap and squeeze it. A keychain with lock would be fine for easy disposal.


On the other hand, it can be used as coin purse as well. Therefore, you can make more of this for change of color
or to match with your outfit.

A hand sanitizer or a small bottle of alcohol is only a little additional burden in our part every time we go out but it means a lot to prevent contamination!


See, I can attach it with my crocheted sling pouch. It already has a clip where I can attach my little things such as motorcycle keys and hand sanitizers.

My thanks to @crosheile, @shanibeer, @muscara, @neumannsalva, and @marblely. God bless you more guys!

Till then,


Oh, Crochetiful alco swinger! This is a necessity now a days on pandemic times.

Yes sis, for our protection!

Hello Artsy Sis Glo! Love that simple and easy hand-sanitizer holder. I have started a project on crochet as I am into it since grade school because my great-grandmother has passed it on to my Grandmother, to my Mom, to my Aunt, and down to me (but I cannot pass it on to my daughter as she has no patience on things like this... 😌). I really have to find time to finish the one I have started and will post it here soon (I am hoping that my son will cooperate with me..whoa!).

Indeed it needs a lot of patience. I have only done one blouse during my free time in the office before because at home, you never have the free time lol! I usually do my sewing instead but with the pandemic in our midst, we now have all the time for this! Can't wait to see your project! Am sure it's something special!

When I was still working I cannot find time for crochet as I am assigned in the Travel Department coordinating with the top officials in the company and I am always on the go fixing their travel documents and when I went home I am dead tired. Petty, I have no time for my hobbies anymore even on weekends 😌. I now decided to go back to what I have loved...CROCHET and maybe even TATTING. We'll see then 😊

I love tatting too but I couldn't find a shuttle here. Perhaps a DIY will do. Lol!

That! I was planning too. Make a DIY shuttle.

Wow. Excellent work done by you. In this time of COVID 19 situation, Sanitizer is very much essential for us all the time. So, in that case its really a contemporary work. The white flower above the knitting makes is more beautiful. Thanks for sharing such an idea. hopefully others who can knit will able to try this our at home. Thanks again.

Hi there! Nice meeting you here. Indeed, it is best for us to be vigilant all the time, so clip it on you sling bag, shoulder bag, or even trousers for immediate use especially when you're travelling.
Thank you for dropping by!

Ah, I have this in mind too, but I'm still thinking if I should get a smaller sanitizer bottle or something.

The smaller one is better to make it more handy. You can refill it once it's consumed, right?