My Needlework DIY__ From Scarf to Toto Outfit

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Hello there everyone! I would like to present my model, Antonia. She's wearing my creation which I made for her.


If you can still recall, that's the pink scarf which I dyed with blue color. I folded it equally and cut a curve line on both sides for the armhole.

I simply left the tassle to flow freely.


Then I joined and sewed both sides.

I used a bias tape to form the armhole.


You can also make a small fold if you don't have bias tape.

  • IMG_20200908_000430.jpg

Fold at least 1.5 inches for the neckline.


The purpose of this is to let a cord to pass through to complete the neckline.


I used a shoelace instead of cord. The tip will make it easier to insert to tie and form a ribbon.


That's my finished product! Who would think that it was once a scarf/Vandana used as head protector? You can start looking for your old Vandanas and transform it into something fashionable. It's so easy, right? Actually, I sewed it for about an hour only.

Thanking the needlework community for this awesome endeavor and of course to @crosheille, @shanibeer, @muscara, @marblely and @neumannsalva. God bless these beautiful women behind the needlework community!

Keep safe everyone!

Till then,




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Thank you so much! It's well appreciated.

You are very welcome! ♥️

Creativity is a talent. Thank you fir sharing, I will make it my my grandchildren @sarimanok

Yes sister,. So easy to make. I know you have more beautiful shawl in Saudi too. And so light for the packaging!

Ok I will check it if I have time.

Wow! I love it Sis! @sarimanok the shoe lace is a good idea to tighten or loosen or to shape one's body. Now, I know what will I do with my old vandanas. I like the print of your vandana. Perfect transformation.

Nice work with that dress. Easy and ready to wear!!

Thank you! You can make use of your old bandanas too. Try it!

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