My share on Needlework Monday/DIY Crochet Tissue Box Cover

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Hi guys!
Its Monday again. I have to share something this time. I missed posting last week. Hope you like it.

Here's my share:

Materials used

Yarn 8 ply
5mm hook


Make 80 chains
Slip stitch on the last stitch

Round 1
Make 3 chains
Make 28 dc, 2 chains , on the same stitch make 1 dc, 3 dc on every stitches



2chains, 28.dc, 2chains, 3 dc on every stitch, 2chains, slip stitch on the 1st stitch

Round 2
Chain 3, 30 dc 2chains 6dc ,, 2chains
30dc, 2chains , 6dc, 2 chains slip stitch on the first stitch

Round 3
Chain 3, 35dc, 2chains, 9sc, 2 chains, 35 dc, 2 chains, 9 sc, 2 chains , slip stitch

Chain 3 , 35dc, turn chain 3, 35 dc
Cut the yarn

Do it on the other side to make it balance chain 3, 35 dc turn chain 3 , 35 dc

Round 5
Make sc around

Round 6
Chain 3, back loop only make 122dc
Slip stitch on the first stitch

Round 7 to 13
Chain 3 122 dc on every stitch slip stitch on the first stitch. Cut the yarn and secure.

Make crochet flowers to ornament the cover. Attached on it and decorate.

You can put anything to decorate it.

Thank you for dropping by.

Thank you to the creator of this wonderful community @croshielle and to the admins admins @shanibeer @marblely @muscara


PicsArt_072811.25.32.jpgI have a background in Education, was a teacher in public school for a year.

Found my passion in crocheting..
I am a designer and owner of my online business catering made to order crochet stuffs.
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Lovely project and I think the little frog is even cuter than the flower decoration. Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you so much for appreciating my work. More projects and diy in the future post😊

tremendous work done by you. I have no idea about making such a good and beautiful tissue box by knitting. Thanks for sharing this nice post

Thank you so much😊