My Needlework Monday Entry/ Altered Blouse

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It's Needlework Monday again!
This time I want to show you some of my altering power!! Lol!

I made this last January when I have no made to orders to finish.

I was fixing my clothes in the closet when I saw this blouse. I was looking for this for a long time and it was located at bottom part all along.

I decided to alter the blouse and incorporate some crochet accent on it. Thinking of directly stitch some on the sleeves but came up with another idea.

I crochet seven granny squares and chooses fall colors for this. Afterwards sew them on the front part or collar.

I think it came up perfectly fine for me!! Love the accent and the color!

What do you think?
Feel free to leave comments.😊

Thank you for your time!!
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Thank you to the creator of this wonderful community @croshielle and to the admins admins @shanibeer @marblely @muscara


It's a beautiful transformation! Thanks for sharing dear. I now know what to do with my old ones! Lol!

Very pretty @rowee22! I like the choice of colours, they look like sunflowers all around :) Thank you for the idea on how to add pizzazz to a plain blouse.

Ur welcome @marblely and thank you as well😊

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Thank you so much @myneedleworkmonday!

Beautiful project @rowee22 :) I love to see renewed clothes.