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It has been a busy week for me last week but I made a vow to finish all my unfinished WIPs in my box(es) and bags of shame. My target right now is to finish the Rastafarian top I am crocheting for myself. I like crocheting things for my daughter a lot but it feels good to make something for myself too.

Now, I know I made a promise to not start a new project until I have finished the one I am currently working on but momma's got to have a break too. And by *"break*", I meant I needed to make a quick project just for the fun of it. When you're working on something for a really long time, and you feel like you're not accomplishing something because you're such a sloth, that's what I wanted a break from. And truth be told, this is one of the reasons - probably the main reason - I have tons of WIPs hanging around.

I saw @kattycrochet's scrunchies project and I love it. I got to make one for my daughter. And so I did. My version though has a smaller elastic but I made a much longer stem so I had to double knot it to make it look like bunny ears. But my break for my slightly big project is not yet finished. I remembered I just bought another set of plain black elastics that I planned to make crochet scrunchies for so my short break got extended.

I love green. I have green anything and almost everything in my house. Even our doormats are green. Our closets are green, our curtains are different shades of green. It's cool for the eyes. Did you know that when your eyes are tired, all you got to do is to look at something green to help relax them? I just read that from Facebook. Might be true, might not be. I'm just giving justifications as to why I love green.

Anyways, for this project, I used light green just to lighten up my mood. The trial and error version though was a different one. I'll show it too later on. This crochet scrunchy is really simple and quite easy to create. All I had in mind while making the scrunchie is that I wanted to make it fluffy.

So to start the project, all you need are a series of single crochets around the elastic. You don't necessarily need to count how much single crochets you make. The most important thing is that you make sure the number of single crochets you make isn't too much that it ends up stretching the elastic. This will make your end product too cramped up, the elastic gets deformed. I made this mistake during the trial period. Thus, the brown one goes like the shape of an 8 instead of a circle.

For the trial and error part, I made use of double crochets in the second round. For each stitch from the previous row, I made 3 double crochets to make the scrunchy look fluff. But seeing it in my brown version, I thought the end product would look a bit too overcrowded. It will be fluffy, but I thought it would be too much. So scrap that 3 dcs in one stitch. I tried sc, ch, sc, ch on one stitch. I thought it looked good. So I went on with it. The trial version finished with this design. I worked the back loop only first, then went back and worked the front loop only. To make it less dull looking (I'm not a big fan of brown, the only reason I used it is that it's a leftover from my commissioned work last June) I added yellow, another leftover yarn from another commissioned work.

So when my experiment was done, I was ready to work with the real thing. Green yarn goes into the hook. Or the other way around? Whatever I used the green yarn I bought from Daiso last January when I went to Manila. Yes, I get to go out a little far away from home only once in a blue moon, the first place I go to is the mall where there's a yarn store.

While working on the first round, a what if came to mind. What if I use double crochet, chain, double crochet, chain in one stitch on the next round? And so I tried that. And look! It looks awesome. At least to me. I love it. Don't burst my bubble. But the most important thing is that my daughter loves her new scrunchy. At first, she thought it was a bracelet though.

I stuck with the BLO first, then FLO next but this time, I did not use a different color. I planned on making picots on the edges but then it's feeding time for the little one and I've used up all my crochet time for this experiment which was supposed to be just a short break. At least now that I'm aware, I know where my time goes and I have a valid explanation why I only finished just a few rows on my slightly big project. At least the time was not spent scrolling for yarnspirations on the internet. I'd say it was still a productive afternoon.

I guess aside from "Don't mix yellow and brown" the lesson I learned for today is "Be conscious and aware of the choices you make." It was easy to pick up the phone, go to my social media accounts, scroll up and down looking for who knows what, and pass the time. I'm glad I chose a more productive break time activity.

Finishing all my piled up WIPs is a struggle. Just like saying no to all those beautiful yarns for sale out there. But I have made my decision to make a plan, stick to the plan, always deliver. Yeah, got that from the movie Storks. It's funny how life lessons are oftentimes found on kiddie cartoons.

What can I say, it's a good start for this week! I hope you had a productive Monday.

@romeskie is a full-time stay at home mom juggling homeschooling, crocheting, and homemaking. A Business Administration graduate with a major in Marketing who ended up in the contact center industry, on the frontlines, climbing her way up to Workforce Management where she found her passion in real-time analysis and management. A once self-proclaimed careerwoman who soon realized homemaking was her real calling. Her passion varies from reading, writing, photography, and most of all, crocheting.

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I made lots of these when my girls were young. Time to make them for my granddaughters.

I'm sure your girls loved them. Your granddaughters are lucky to have you. 😊

Its not only awesome to you but also me. Finally it s great to see the smile from kids

But the most important thing is that my daughter loves her new scrunchy. At first, she thought it was a bracelet though

Indeed it is! It's always worth all the effort.

My grandmother always gave me these tails, it was such a special detail to see her weave them and know that they were for me. You made me so happy with this publication I will learn to make one for my daughter :) Thank you

The little kiddo was very excited while I was making the scrunchy. Kept on asking "Is that for me?" in her nost excited voice. Haha

Crochetiful! Bagay yan sa princess mo. Ahehehe, na fall ka din ng trap ng wip's. Yan ang di ko na putol sa sarili ko until now, makita me sa iba ang ganda then another browse may mas maganda pa and anorher one oh oh, result: wip accumulation.

Onga eh. Pag nabore sa ginagawa, gawa muna bago. Tapos ganun na nang ganun hahaha.

It does look awesome! I’m all about trial and error - you just never know what you’ll come up with.

I like the fluffiness of it and I know your daughter will have fun wearing it!

I know what you mean about break time or time to make something for mommy. I started crocheting in order to make myself things but ended up having no time for that because I was so busy making things for my family and friends. Not that I mind it it’s just I want some handmade things to wear too lol. I decided to make me something new for this Fall - I’ll share it soon ;)

This was a fun post with cute results! 😍😘

Oh and I adore your cover photo!! Very cute!!

It feels like the best way we show our love for the people dearest to us is by making crochet and needlework projects for them.

Thank you. :) I love the outcome too.

I whole heartedly agree :)

oh yes... the unfinished projects.... I feel you 😂😍 It‘s as if they multiply all by themselves (its not us, its the projects :-DDDD) And the idea to make something small and fast is perfect, to get the feeling of accomplishment, and your mint coloured scrunchy turned out very cute. I looove the colour (not for nothing I made a whole cardigan in thins color) and it is a double success if your daughter loves the crunchy too <3

Totally! It's the projects, not us. Lol! I hope to make one of those cardigans one of these days too. (And that's the start of a whole new WIP again. Lol)

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Ooo I love scrunchies :) Yours look pretty! And it looks good as a bracelet too :) Yes, scrolling through social media sites can be quite a waste of time, in my opinion. There was a point, I asked myself why do I spend 1 hour scrolling through and reading about what my "friends" are doing? That was when I stopped :D

Thanks! I made another one just so she could have a bracelet AND a scrunchy. Thought it could be a matchy matchy mother daughter thing. I thought wrong.

It's nice to catch up every now and then thru soc med. It's those videos that takes up all of my time. Tutorial videos, funny videos, "did you know?" videos.