Needlework Monday: The Forever Blanket Continues

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I think I knit faster using straight needles than circulars for some reason, or perhaps it's just that I knit for a longer period of time using straight needles? Maybe the little reward of finishing a row more often inspires me to keep going, lol, as opposed to one row taking forever when you're going along a long edge.


Here is my WIP on the needles compared to the previous small piece I did on circulars. It's about 3/4 of the size of the previous piece if they were shaped the same, but I made it a LOT faster. So I think I'm going to stick with making the pieces this way, not only so I stop breaking circular needles, but so I'm inspired to knit more/faster. Maybe I will actually finish this blanket before I die! X3

NWM 5.jpg

The current piece on straight needles is the width of that gap between my two wider pieces. I think maybe I had bought shorter circular needles than the first, big piece was made on and so I didn't realize I was knitting it not as wide as the first piece. Oh well, it's all patchwork anyway so that's fine! The bigger first piece used to take me 45 minutes to do one row. Yeah! It's a big blanket!

forever blanket.jpg
So the pieces so far will fit together like this.

If you've not seen me talk about the Forever Blanket before, it's double stranded worsted weight yarn on size 7 needles, so it's very thick and warm. :)

Do y'all find that you have a preference among needle types? I have also found that I really like working on wooden needles the best. The current straight needles I'm using for this are made of bamboo. What are your favorite kinds of needles to use?


Ups.... that’s a big blanket... and as I was never successful in finishing a blanket I cross my fingers for your project. I have no clue how to be so patient to finish something that big. But it seems possible (as people are doing it) 😮😮😮
I am a big fan of metal circular needles with tapered but not too sharp tips :-D I love the smooth surface and the appearance of wooden needles, but sadly I somehow cannot work well with them, neither in crochet nor knitting.

My grandmother could crochet a blanket in what I consider to be record time and I was always in awe, lol. I understand that knitting is slower by nature but still. I will be super proud if/when I finish.
I am in awe of how of you complete projects! I feel like I have a mountain of WIPs and you're posting all these amazing completed clothes. :D

I love the blanket you are working on, the project itself sounds cool. My favorite types of needles are metal straight or circular depending on the project but for some reason I like the sound metal needles make.

The click-clack can be very satisfying!

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I like teflon-coated aluminum needles because I can knit really fast on them. Bamboo or wood is nice in the winter--my arthritis does not like cold needles!

Oh wow I don't know that I've ever seen teflon on a knitting needle before, that's interesting!

The needles are grey in color and the stitches glide right over the non-stick surface.