Knitting and Beading and Broken Needles, Oh My!

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Halloooooo Hive fam! I have actually been busy with the needlework this week, working on different projects.

NWM 5.jpg
It's a bit dark, but here we see Yuan helping me measure my knitting pieces

After finishing another cat mat,

NWM 6.jpg
Cat mats!

I then picked back up the beading The Song Of Amergin project:

NWM 1.jpg

After a frustrating ~10 hours, I only got this far:

NWM 2.jpg

To be fair, I had to start over once, but still. That was way slower than my previous pace and I was Done With It for a while after that. I'm still not finished with that line, and for the first time I'm going to have to split the line of text into two pieces because my warp wasn't long enough after cutting off the beginning error section. Argh.

So then I moved on to picking back up the Forever Blanket project. And guess what happened?

NWM 3.jpg

That's the third or fourth time I've broken a pair of circulars trying to make this blanket - and this was a pair of Addi Pros, which I only bought after breaking other sets of circulars and they were recommended as tougher and less likely to break. In the first photo with Yuan, you can see the smaller blue-and-brown piece? That's the one that broke the Addi Pros. Not the larger blue-and-black piece. Argh.

So a rescue mission was underway to save all the stitches and cast off this piece:

NWM 4.jpg

Which I succeeded in doing, ergo the pieces laid out with Yuan halping me at the beginning. I am now working on a long-and-skinny piece on a pair of straight needles, because I do not feel like fussing with another pair of circulars right now! LOL

NWM 7.jpg

I understand that I am putting a lot of stress on the needles with the blanket being so heavy and thick (double stranded worsted weight yarn on size 7 needles - it's going to be so warm and nice when it's done!), but geez! Knitters, are the full sets where you screw on the wire to various size needles any stronger? I mean, I broke fancy schmancy Addi Pros, so I might just need The Hulk of circular knitting needles.

So that was my Comedy of Errors this week - but hey, I still made progress. ;)

I'm posting this NWM a tad early but usually I'm posting just under the wire so for once I figure I'm OK being a little too soon. After all, it is Monday in other parts of the globe right now! :D

Have a great week, and stitch on!


How are you my friend??

It's been an year since I have checked our your posts. How is life treating you?

Hope you're at home and safe!!

Hello! Yep, home and safe here. How about you?

Thanks for the inspiration. I have a bead loom, but have not done anything with it yet. I bought it last year because I remembered having one like it when I was a child. We were all about headbands and beads in the sixties and seventies!

When I was a kid, it was charm bracelets and necklaces (born in the late 70s, so really a child of the 80s). You had a plastic chain necklace and you'd buy plastic little charms off the ice cream truck. XD

What a week!
I admire your patience with the beading ... and the knitting needles!
Yuan is perfect at measuring stuff, you can see he is full control of everything.
Good to see you!

Yuan is a masterful measurer. :D He was having fun inspecting that knitting needle too. Quality control, you know.