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Greetings, needlework fam! I hope your crafting is helping you stay sane during social isolation. I've been continuing with more kitty mats for the cats at the shelter. I figure by the time everything opens again, I'll have a nice stack. :)


They're easy to do and it keeps my hands busy, plus it uses up the stash! :)

I pulled out some fabric from that stash to try my hand at making some masks, but I haven't cleared off the table (which is a mess) yet to work at the sewing machine. I did wash the fabric though, so it's all ready to go.

Yuan 53.jpg
cat mats: kitty tested, kitty approved

Are any of y'all making masks or other safety gear?

Be safe, be well, be excellent to each other! <3



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I should sew mask... but I have not so far. THey remind me of the last year when my father was so ill and died, we had to wear these constantly. I intellectually know I should make them, but sigh...
Your mats are a wonderful project to keep yourself occupied and help the shelter. Perfect match.
And may I ask: in the background on one photo I notice a hanging wreath. Did you made it? It looks very cool <3

Oh, yeah! That's my charm circle. I did make it, and I hang little charms from it as I make them, so it's an ongoing project. It's also the holding place for all the beadwork for my Project I Started Ages Ago And Need To Finish But I Totally Haven't Worked On It In Forever: I'm beading the Song of Amergin, which is an ancient Druid poem, in Irish, in ogham (the Celtic alphabet), in seed beads. EVENTUALLY the finished beadwork will probably line my cloak. But I have a lot of lines left to bead, lol. The beadwork looks like this:
Song of Amergin beading.jpg
OK, that picture is upside down, but you get the idea. :D

So each section of the beading is one line in the poem. And each color of the letters is a word.

I remember the Amergin coat artwork! I am still amazed and hope you will one day complete it. It is so mythical to have the magic written (in a kind of code) on your coat.
And the charm circle is also a lovely project, perhaps you will write about this one day? I always admire such projects but I seldom finish them... I have to work on my patience.
(By the way, what are the fly thingies doing? Mine are less, but now I have greenflies on my peppermint 😱😱)

I was thinking I might take up the beading again while I'm self isolating. It's a good time for it, eh? :)
Hey, you complete a lot more projects than I do! I always have 10,001 projects going at a time. LOL. I'm super impressed by your productivity!
Oh the fungus gnat flies? Yeah ...they're still around. >:( Driving me crazy! I got some more aqua globes going and their numbers went way down, but then they seem to have recovered. I need to clean the drains, will be my next move. I do have some plant cuttings in water to root which doesn't help, and I keep finding them in the cat dishes of water (and in my drinks, and any time I try to soak a dish in the sink to clean it, and... ). But they die in the standing water, so I think they are breeding in the drains like they did before, so I'm hoping if I give them a good flush with cleaner and hot water it will kill off and flush away any eggs and I can be rid of them. Annoying little buggers! I think they killed one of my spider plant babies I was trying to root. :( Apparently they eat the roots of plants!

I do like the colours :D

I'm sure you already know this... you are such a good person <33

Awwwww. Thank you! <3