Why Wendy Ward’s sewing book means love

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Things I wanted to write about this Monday:
How my curated closet is coming along
Which garments are missing in my curated closet
Why I sewed an Asuka Hamada dress only to instantly rip it apart
What I learned in my sewing course which started last Wednesday (again… after a Corona induced break)

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What I am really writing about this Monday:
How much I love the @needleworkmonday community and especially @puellacreativa who send me a sewing book!!!!!
And I am in love with the book. If you did not read a post from @puellacreativa than (very fast) hop to her blog. She is an amazing creative sewist who already has a lot of experience in dress making. And after she read about my problems with woven fabric (still… my dear readers, woven fabric is still my nemesis, the end boss of the sewing game) she remembered a book which could be helpful for me. Thought and done, she packed a parcel and I already got the book (thank you, postal service, you made my weekend).

Kopie von Kopie von 1800px × 768px – Design ohne Titel36.png

It’s Wendy Ward’s first book, which is aimed at the beginning sewist. And the preface of the book made it perfectly clear why I should work through this book:
“I am a believer of doing things right and I won’t show you lots of cheats and shortcuts. To achieve good results there are not man shortcuts in sewing (…) Sewing is a craft and the process is as important as the end result.”
I fear with the second topic I must fight a bit longer as I do nearly everything for the result and seldom for the appreciation of the process, be it sewing, knitting, painting or baking. Only in sports related things its perhaps 50/50 process and outcome for me.

But back to the book. Thankfully Wendy Ward starts with a nice mixture of projects for woven and stretch fabric. The projects successive become more complicated, starting with an easy stretchy shirt, covering a gathered skirt and wide pants and then leading to a jacket with an asymmetrical zipper.

Kopie von old neckline5.png

And how do I love this jacket. I know, I know…. I hear you complaining I should start at the beginning as there are so many techniques I never learned precisely (I am a bad case of fumbling my way through sewing). But I cannot resist. The jacket looks so beautiful and best of all, Wendy Ward offers modifications for the patterns and for the jacket there is a version with a Peter Pan collar. Sadly, the jacket with the collar is made of black fabric, so the collar is not visible very well. I nevertheless give you photo.
Now you understand: I badly need this jacket.

But even my hubris has limits and I will restrain myself and first try out a collar, without wasting expensive wool fabric for a whole jacket only to kill the collar.
I only once made a real collar, and this was for my coat project. This worked ok, but I completely forgot what I did :-DDD And as I love round collars on shirts and sweaters, I will start with a simple sweater (or shirt project – I am still indecisive) and add Wendy’s a Peter Pan collar.

Be greedy buy everything37.png

I already cutout a shirt front and back in light blue jersey as I wanted to replicate a puff sleeve shirt, I bought some time ago from C & A. But now as the collar got priority, I am unsure if I should sew the sleeves as planned (mid forearm length and puffy with an elasticated cuff) or if simpler sleeves would be a better companion for the Peter Pan collar.

Kopie von Kopie von Soziale Medien – Design ohne Titel19.png
The white shirt was soiled with makeup, so could buy it for I think 4€ and I used it as a pattern template.

What do you think? Puff sleeves or straight sleeves?

If this works well, the jacket is next… I hope to find some lovely black fabric, so that I can incorporate it easily into my curated closet. And here I have the next decision to make, shall I make a “real” outerwear jacket from a heavy wool fabric or should I make kind of sweater jacket, which I can wear as a layer over a blouse or dress…?

So, I hope to hear from you.
And again: Thank you @puellacreativa 💕💕💕 I love the book.

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.

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This is so so sweeeeet! How nice of @puellacreativa to think of you and send the book! Looks like a nice one with lots to learn too. I also vote for puff sleeves! As far as the jacket if you don’t have a variety of outside ones I would say go for that as I’m sure you have plenty of cardigans to wear over your dresses and blouses. 😘

Followed all your advises and cut out puff sleeves and decided on an outer wear jacket (although I am still afraid that it will be tough to sew). I bought a velvet fabric which is kind of quilted and I will try to make it in the sewing course and hope this will prevent me from making stupid mistakes :-DDD
And the book is so lovely! I really can recommend it. The Author Wendy has written more books and I think they are all very good and profound. A fiber friend also told me that Wendy has some good videos, but this I have to research yet.
Needlework really rocks. We need cheaper postal service or beaming should be invented (I say this every time 😂)

Oh awesome!! I know that outer jacket will be so cute! I hope you don’t run into difficulties with sewing it.

Needlework does Rock!!! We have some of the most talented people on the blockchain right here in this community! I am truly blessed to be amongst you all ~ 🤗🥰😘

Well, I saw her enthusiasm about sewing and I wanted to contribute somehow :D

Love it! 😍🤗

A new book! And it seems to be educational and interesting :) Unfortunately I can't help you, I don't think I did a "real" collar before. On my sewing bucket list the next things to learn are lining and zippers.

Though I have to admit there will be another craft to occupy my time and imagination soon (~January). I already bought a book (eBook for 3$ on offer):


Oh no another crafting rabbit hole (and such a nice one, I love the fabric weaving produces... ) Do you have a loom? I tried it with simple self made looms and found it much too slow, but that’s me...
And with the zipper - ahem - as if I am a master of this. I simply tried to forget, that the jacket also needs a prominent big zipper.

Perhaps use a fabric with a pattern, even if only a bit marbled. That would disguise any imperfections at the zipper ;)

I plan to buy a loom at the end of the year...

Marbled fabric is a good suggestion :)

@shanibeer and @muscara: too late 🤣 I went into the fabric shop (for the sewing course) and the first fabric I saw I bought. Its a lovely dark burgundy velvet. A kind of quilted fabric and it was not expensive... I could not resist. Now I hope it will not be too hard to sew 🙏

Velvet... Isn't that the stuff that always drifts in one direction?

Don't you dare to destroy my illusions 🤣 (I once used Pannesamt and it was hell... but the sewing teacher promised this fabric is different... I pray)

Velvet is okay, I had some velvet trousers once, just make sure the nap is all facing the same way ... unless you want it upside down as a design feature 😁. Enjoy your sewing class!

My last velvet (pannesamt... no idea how its named in English, a very thin and slippery velvet) was a desaster, I made every mistake possible, beginning with the nap in different directions, than my sewing machine blocked and I had to hand baste everything and at last I forgot a needle in the hem and could not get it out 😂😱😂

Sounds like the perfect training 😁 😘

Uhhh I am excited with you! Do you have concrete plans what to make with the woven fabric?@shanibeer and @muscara I plan to cheat with the jacket (and the complicated zipper)and make it during the sewing course... I will have help than :-D

Plans? Well... Ideas ;)

Wooow!! That came tooo fast to you! Heheh! I see your big smile and I am very glad for contibuting to this :D Well, yes, Wendy's Book is for beginners and for advanced as well, so you can learn many things from that book and you can face your woven enemies too :)
As far as the sleeves, I will vote for puff ones! Life is too short to be straight and despite the fact that Wendy uses a colar in the dress with a simple sleeve, I think puff ones make the cloth more artistic!
Enjoy your new book and play with your fabrics :)

I am really happy with the book. I (shame on me) bought fabric today and I will attempt the zipper jacket with collar. I bought a burgundy kind of quilted velvet. It's soooooo lovely (and not expensive at all stangely).
And for the blue sweater I followed your lead and cut out puff sleeves. But the jacket is distracting me <3
I hope my parcel will come too soon 🙏

Amen to that! (parcel, come soon !! hehe!)

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Thank you so much! It is so encouraging to get your support <3

I really envy you for having the courage to sew garments. I don't yet but maybe if you keep posting about what you've done, I'll get the courage to start creating something.
Keep it up, I believe all the garments you create are amazing, and unique as well 😊

No envy needed... I so often sew completely garbages clothes. THey are only good for laughing and I really have to work hard to fix them (which not always works) I am sure you would be much more thorough than me and make wonderful things <3

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