Tiny life and knitting update

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I am back with a tiny life and knitting update.
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In mid December I had the fantastic illusion that the winter holidays will be relaxing and full of joyful tea-drinking and knitting sessions. And in between I would finish easily the Christmas projects and even paint a bit and prepare our exhibition in January.

Muahahaaaaa (this should read as an evil laugh)

Let me start with the nicest thing: I finished my blue raglan sweater. As a surprise it fits, and I already wore it like planned over wide dresses.

Kopie von Kopie von old neckline.png

For all who are searching for an absolutely mindless and relaxing knitting project which is because of its slight A-line easy to fit on different bodies look at Hannah Fettig book Home and away. There I found my cute raglan jacket which fits so well. I must confess that I used a different yarn weight (and compensated by choosing a smaller size) and made the shawl neckline smaller as I did not have enough yarn. So, my jacket may look a bit different than the example in the book, by the way it is the pattern Hancock.

A big plus of the book is that all patterns are written as raglan designs and as a seamed design. So, you can choose which ever way of knitting suits you best.

Let’s go on with the lesser fun things. Not sure I already wrote this, but we must move our exhibition into February (instead of January) because of the Corona Lockdown and it is still possible we must cancel it completely. This is a huge bummer… and my motivation is rock bottom. We are already contemplating filming the artworks, but as it is also unsure if we are allowed to enter the gallery at all, this plan b is not reliable. And to be honest a filmed exhibition will not get nearly as much visitors as a real one.
Nevertheless, I will give you a glimpse of the drawing installation and the rudiment of a fibre sculpture.

Design ohne Titel40.png(perhaps some of you recognise yourself on the sketches)

Yeah and the rest…. Sigh…. Corona is still taxing, especially money-wise. I am a board-member of (and my husband works there) a non profit organisation which has a wide range of clients; they have living units for underage refugees, support people of old age who are poor, teach about anti-racism, they run courses to empower people without reading and writing skills, are a meeting point for women who fled to Germany and so on. The important thing is most activities require face to face contact and/or a lot of money to equip the clients with devices like cellphones or computer. Because of Corona this charity organisation is under a lot of duress and during December till now I work together with a team of people to raise money. In December we made a short image film (I wrote the script) and as it is made with nearly no budget, I am quite happy with the result.
You can watch it here, but it is in German….

Right now, we are running an auction for unloved Christmas presents which will end in February and hopefully bring some more money (and attention).

This is my tiny update so far… I just wanted to let you know why I was absent from hive (and may be a bit slow in the next weeks)
I hope you are all as well as possible <3

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara and @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.

Ohhh, if you don't have a hive account and want to comment then visit my Wordpressblog Bliss and Blisters and write me there.


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First let me say I am glad for the completion of your well fitted raglan sweater! That is good news and it was great seeing it on you, so cute!

I am sorry about all the delays you all are facing due to lockdown. I know it would be such a bummer if you aren’t able to pull off the exhibition but it is good to know you have other options of showing your hard work. I’m still hoping for things to turn out as you wished.

I am hoping you are able to raise the monies you need to help the organization and their clients. Although I couldn’t understand the video (being in German) I still can see the quality of it and looks like your goal was accomplished. Nice work on the script!

And Whoa! When I first glanced at the woman in the photo I thought...wow that looks a lot like me. Then I recognized the pose from one of my photos and said wow that is me! You have some amazing drawing skills and I am honored I got to be apart of such a significant event of yours.

So sad to hear you are bummed and your motivation is low...I hope for a glimpse of light at the end for you! We’ve missed you around but definitely understand you’ve been so busy. 💗

Oh nooooo …. I somehow forgot to answer you and I am so sorry. I always appreciate your comments so much and then I do not answer! Shame on me. The only upside is that I now know how the exhibition will go. We are cancelled for February, but another artist is extremely lovely and let us have two weeks of her time in august (I write about this in todays post). I hope the situation will be better and we finally be able to exhibit in summer.

With the money: this went really well so far. We raised 45.000 Euro which is much more than I thought we will get although still not enough. Currently we are running an auction for unloved Christmas presents with some funny videos (sadly in German…or you could laugh about me trying to sell stress balls or dessert glasses) and hope to hold up the interest and to add more to the donations.

And thank you so much for the compliment… The painting will be together with your original text and the crochet works you made. And I so hope to show you better photos which look more impressive and polished. I am so glad you send your experiences and crochet art.

It's okay. I always know you’ll respond when and if you can. It's totally fine. 😘

Oh wow. Okay I plan on catching up on my reading tonight so I’ll be sure to go and read the details.

So glad the fundraising is going well and I hope the auction goes well too.

Of course! I was very impressed already with your artistic skills. I really look forward to seeing it when it all comes together. I’m glad I was able to send mine in too ~

I think the book Home and away is ineteresting, i love your raglan nice fit.Hmm, may your organization be syccessful in raising for money to exceed the target. Be safe and your family.

Thank you for this lovely wishes, actually we already have collected 45.000 € but we need the double amount for the organisation to survive and to help all the clients they have.(there are a lot of people) I hope we will reach this goal....

Oh, the cover photo looks like it was taken from a magazine. The dress design is very nice. I wish you good vibes for your exhibition and in the noble work with children.

Oh wow, thank you so much for this wonderful compliment 🙏 I mostly make the photos myself which my phone positioned precariously on a cupboard or even in a shoe (as a kind of tripod) 😂
And thank you also for th support of my other projects, it would be so great if we could make the exhibition and if we could raise more money for the charity organisation.

Schoenes Video! Ich hoffe die Ausstellung kann stattfinden.

Ohhhh du sprichst deutsch! How amazing 😍 And thank you for your compliment.
I also hope for the exhibition, but to be honest, the best we could hope for is that we can make photos and a documentary. We are in a hard lockdown until end of January and I fear this will...

I grew up in Germany :)
We should be in a hard lockdown here. Just in San Diego, we have between 3000 and 5000 new cases every day and between 30 and 50 people are dying. Crazy.
And still, many act like nothing is happening...

Sorry for needing so much time to answer. I hope you and your loved ones will stay healthy. Here the lockdown will go till 15.2. and then there will be a new decision. Hopefully your state will take measures so that people can feel safe again. This virus is really sh**

No worries. I am not much online myself...

I just wanted to know what happened to your exhibition. The covid does not give up, it is incredible ...

The sweater fits you very well, I love your style 😍✨.

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