Sewing Lisette blouse from La Maison Victor

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(For the impatient readers who tire of my long-winded introduction: I will start to write about my expirience with the sewing pattern Lisette roughly at the fourth paragraph 😁)

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Could it be possible that I only can sew fitting garments with recycled fabric?
Most of you know that I love to sew with stretch fabric because the material is forgiving and hugs my body although I am not a master sewist and have a lot of curves which seem to be never catered for in bought patterns, but woven fabric … oh oh oh…. woven fabric is my nemesis.

Every month I again try to sew a garment in woven fabric, always hopeful that I will master the skill of fitting this unforgiving material around my body. I always start and hope hat this time the pattern I chose will be so easy, that even i cannot fail. And guess what, I fail. Every time I pick up a pattern for a blouse or dress, a skirt or pajama pants in woven fabric something goes amiss.
But not this time. JOYYYYYY

I still have a lot of checkered fabric from my old bedsheets which I decided to recycle into garments instead to mend them. Some weeks ago I made a wide gathered dress out of the first sheet and I nearly made a wearable dress, it only had minor issues at the shoulder and although I grumbled a lot about this dress, I love to wear it as it is (but still dream of making another one where I will incorporate all of your helpful advices).
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I deviate… the woven bedsheet fabric… Last week I decided I want to try to sew a summer blouse and fittingly I stumbled upon a lovely blouse pattern in La Maison Victor a Belgian sewing magazine: Lisette, a blouse with short raglan sleeves, a gathered front and a bow at the back. This translated for me into: no buttonband to sew, no collar to work and no setting in sleeves – I can do this :-DDD

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The blouse Lisette is on the cover of the magazine in a lovely light yellow fabric and I love the style, only the sleeves looked a tad too narrow to my liking (in German there is this funny word which describes when clothes are so tight that the wearer seems to explode out of them „spack“ perhaps „taut“ in English only more negative). With this cover photo in mind I decided to size up and sew size 42 to get wider sleeves and a more relaxed fit. Sadly, La Maison Victor does not provide the finished garments measurements (like the patterns in the magazine fibremood), so choosing a size was a bit of guess work and intense hoping. According to La Maison Victor‘s size chart I am at the height of a size 32, bust width is between 38 and 40, waist is 44 and hips 42…. The only upside of La Maison Victors sizing is its wide range, they start with size EU 30/ UK 6 and reach up to EU 56/ UK 32.

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After cutting out the pattern pieces I noticed another fit issue I always have: the pattern was much too long. Easy to fix, I simply shortened the blouse 10 cm (the waist of this pattern is only slightly accentuated, so cutting of 10 cm at the bottom was no problem).

Fabric cut out and ironed, I started to sew. The explanation for the sewing process was ok for me - they are a lot more detailed than for example Burda patterns – and everything went well till the stand-up collar and tie.

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The raglan sleeves are so lovely to work with (in my eyes), closing the dart and setting in is not complicated at all, only straight lines to sew (ok… slightly curved lines). All pieces of the blouse fit perfectly together, and I had the project together in no time. But the collar… I have no idea how La Maison victor thought I should ensemble this. At one stage they say I should have turned the collar inside out (after sewing it on the neckline), no idea how this could work. But as always in sewing, I fear its my missing skill not a faulty explanation. I simply ignored the magazine‘s explanation and sewed the collar and tie as I would sew a waistband on a skirt: I folded the tie in half, ironed the seam allowance inside, sewed it on at the wrong side and then at the right side. For me this looks ok and I do not think the sewing police will follow me on the open streets and check if I made the collar and tie correctly – or will they???

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I ended with a fitting blouse which is completely wearable. I still cannot believe it. I made a fitting garment with woven fabric. Was is the easy pattern? Or was it because I was more relaxed as I could not destroy precious fabric with my sewing? I still don’t know, but I will test it and sew this blouse with some of my stash fabric which is not a recycled bedsheet (cross your fingers this will work too :-D)

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I was so inspired by @crosheille‘s nature photos that I could not resist to sneak some garden photos into this needlework post :-DDD We had super warm weather yesterday and we invited my mother into the garden to eat together and to show her the snail fence we built and all the tiny flowers which are now blooming.

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(Ok she also had to look at the crazy hole we started to dig which will hopefully be a terrace for a flower patch someday and the dried-out corpses of all the brambles we cut)

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Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara and @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.

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But not this time. JOYYYYYY

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! You have broken the curse! I'm celebrating with you!

The blouse turned out great! Very cute. Also your garden is beautiful. :)


Thank you so much for all the compliments!!! I am also so happy the blouse pattern worked out as I have a lot of scrap fabrics which will not be enough for long sleeved garments, but I think I can wiggle this blouse out of them. And the garden... sigh... I am so glad we are able to rent it and at the same time afraid someone will take it away. The two neighbour houses are owned by very rich people and every second time they tell us they want to buy the whole land and build a pool and house on it. THey live there for longer so realistically they are only bragging and want us to be afraid, but sadly its working.

UGH, rich people. They make me feel very guillotiney.

guillotine 3.jpg

Where did you get this cool photo!!! I hade to laugh very hard, the handmade guillotine :-DDDD And yes, these neighbors are not unfriendly or so, but they live in a completely different world. The one on the left owns a fabric for plumbing machines (never knew that something like this exists) and the ones on the right own several restaurants (a chain of Italien restaurants which is represented in Europe). The latter also are hunters, own a lot of land and do not like migrants (me: vegetarian who rescues snails and volunteer worker for refugees), we better only make smalltalk or I need your IKEA device :-DDD

I lifted it off a meme page ages ago. I have a whole collection of guillotine memes. 😂

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Thank you for your support <3

Congratulations, it looks great!

Thank youuuuuu, you are always so helpful with your insights! I am really learning a lot <3

That's good. Patterns can be really frustrating until you understand the fundamentals

I often can't wait to see your next needlework Monday post.
And am really impressed with this one, I tried studying your pattern but I guess I can only understand it better if I tried it myself.
This is lovely and the fabrics color is nice as well.

I love the nature's photo and you look so bright in that garden with the outfits.
Much love

What a wonderful comment <3 <3 I am glad you like the blouse and the fabric (my husband always smiles whe he sees me in this, as he has slept in this bedsheet :-DDDD) And the pattern was really easy (and thats from me, who is really not good in sewing) it looks only a tad strange, but assembling everything was not hard at all.
The photos are in our garden (we rented it las year which is so wonderful as we do not have a balcony or garden or anything and I live in the middle of a city). We are still working there a lot as the garden is always overgrown with brambles after the winter and this time we had so much storm that the shed lost its roof 😱

You sew it well, nice fitting!. I love checkered fabric reminds me of country setting. Am happy you also use to sew bedsheet fabric they are really nice as wearable only mine were recycled one.

Thank youuuu.. And I also think of country and picnic with this checkered fabric (but my husband only sees our bedsheet and has to laugh while looking at me - in a nice way)

Hahaha funny.

Oh wow I love this blouse!!! It looks so good on you and the tie in the back is darling!

I must say I am so glad you took these photos while out in your garden! I really love these photos of you holding the plant and your beautiful flowers!! This delightful post made me smile! 😀

I am really enjoying the sight of flowers more than ever now. Thank you for sharing ~ 😍😘

uhhhh I am again blushing: thank you for this lovely compliment. And the tie.... I can only recommend this, so much easier than buttonband or zipper, very clever trick to get the blouse to close.The pattern is ranked as easy and this time I agree, it is really doable.
And with the flowers: I laughed after the photoshoot, because I really wanted to plant the flowers, but could not decide where and run through the whole garden only to put them in pots :-DDDD I will insert a photo of proof later (my computer is misbehaving and does not let me upload the photo)

You are very welcome ;)

Now I want a tie shirt lol! I remember I had one that tied in the front (I used to put it in this cute knot) and I wore it to work a lot. It was so comfortable and stylish.

Hahaha that’s so funny. Well at least you got them planted :D

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Written by @crosheille for the NeedleWorkMonday Community ~

Thank you so much!!! I today woke up and as always checked hive and was suprised with this amazing support. And now I am more than happy 😍

I love all the checks, especially when you wear them among the flowers. Beautiful springtime!

Happy spring time back to you, we will start to plant outside in roughly one week and hope the weather will hold. And thank you for the lovely compliment.

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Stunning gardening/working outfits and beautiful blooms! The flowers will taste and look delicious on cakes. Yum yum... 😄

Thank youuuuu and sorry for not answering for so long, but I had so much headaches.
ANd with the garden: O hope we get better weather soon, its so wet for more than 10 days, I am itchig to plan tomatoes an peppers, but no chance. Even the flowers are drooping

No worries! Please take good care!

Wow!!!! bravo bravo !!!! I really really like your blouse !!!! it looks very feminine and you are very beautiful in this blouse! 🌹🌹🌹

Thank you so much, I like this pattern a lot and hope I find time to sew another one. And excuse me for not answering for so long, but I had so much headaches.

Was it your migraine again? I am so sorry. I really hope that you are already feeling better 🌹

Two satisfying things in sewing:
-that all the pieces fit together perfectly.
-that when you finish the garment it fits you awesome.

You achieved both, congratulations. These sheets get a more fun destination than decorating a bed ❤️.

Yes!!!! You are so right, especially with the fit (which is a constant fight for me :-DDD) And plese excuse me for not answering for so long, but I had so much headaches.

Ooooh You are the garden girl. Lovely🌻

Thank youuuuu (right now the garden looks a lot different as we have constant rain for more than 10 days) and sorry for not answering for so long, but I had so much headaches.

Hope You get well soon. Kiss and love.

Pretty blouse!! And your gardens look great!!

Thank you so much and sorry for not answering for so long, but I had so much headaches.

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