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RE: Needlework Monday: The Forever Blanket Continues

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Ups.... that’s a big blanket... and as I was never successful in finishing a blanket I cross my fingers for your project. I have no clue how to be so patient to finish something that big. But it seems possible (as people are doing it) 😮😮😮
I am a big fan of metal circular needles with tapered but not too sharp tips :-D I love the smooth surface and the appearance of wooden needles, but sadly I somehow cannot work well with them, neither in crochet nor knitting.


My grandmother could crochet a blanket in what I consider to be record time and I was always in awe, lol. I understand that knitting is slower by nature but still. I will be super proud if/when I finish.
I am in awe of how of you complete projects! I feel like I have a mountain of WIPs and you're posting all these amazing completed clothes. :D