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RE: NeedleWorkMonday’s 80th Curation - Post Payout Split - 1000 SP 30 Day Delegation Winner Announced!

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This week I am in awe of bag making. I never tried it out, but it is on my (secret) to do list. Both bags are so different but both are beautiful. I love the small vintage bag from @gloriaola perfect for an summer evening event where you need something stylish to put your cellphone in <3
And while speaking of the summer (you notice I am bit bored of the rain here) @mers bag would be perfect for taking needlework project with you to an afternoon in the sun. The lace on the bag is so lovely, it would draw eyes.


Thanks dear ... am honored by your lovely comment. I will be posting more of the bag projects I made in the coming days so you would have other ideas.