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Its Monday morning and after the fabulous Barbie contest I am still in a glow about all the creativity and skill in this community. But what’s going on with me? No Barbie clothes, no finished slipover…. Do I have nothing to show you? This would be a horrible situation. So, I took heart, sat down on Saturday evening and finished my crochet shawl I started during my visit of Erfurt. And I can assure you, I honestly did not procrastinate, as I was so diligently working on my artworks for the exhibition next year, that I hardly had time to do one stitch of sewing or crochet. But on the weekend, I needed a creative break.
(By the way: I still would like to hear about your experiences during the Covid pandemic. I would be so glad, if you would write me some words or send some photos. For more infos read my original post about this art project)

Design ohne Titel34.png THese drawings are part of a bigger installation about how human change (or not)... more explanations when its finished :-D

Here you can watch me crafting while simultaneously looking something up on the phone and watching a serial – I am a bit ashamed about my multitasking aka being unfocused. But this photo shows perfectly how I work in winter, because the huge beige thing is our flat's super old heating which is so huge that I can sit besides, it and three more people could fit in :-DDD


Back to the crochet shawl. I used a free pattern with an entertaining lace pattern which has a 15-row repeat. I think this is the longest repeat I ever encountered in a shawl. No boredom in this pattern :-D

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The pattern worked fine and I found no mistakes or uncertainties, but I had to use the schematic to work my way through it because the repeat was too long for me to memorise (and I worked too sporadically on this project). The yarn colours are a for me unusual choice as they are fairly muted; it’s a black, a deep brown and a beige, the latter in tweed quality. The three yarns are not the same thickness, which makes the finished shawl a tad irregular, but this is ok for me. I have chosen these colors to make a matching shawl for the brown coat I sewed some time ago (yes dear readers, this time I had a good thought before I made the garment, not afterwards, as it is my usual method).

So, here is my amazing, mind boggling, wondrous photo of me wearing the brown shawl and my matching handmade brown coat… haha…


Sorry to mislead you, you do not have problems with your screen’s colors and neither are your eyes strained, I am wearing a grey coat, not a brown one. I took the photos on Saturday in the garden and it was so cold that my brown coat was not enough. And as staying warm was imperative you again must look at a typical garment ensemble of mine, which is not really matching, but I think somehow ok :-D
To make it even more fun: I was not fast enough and did not managed to sew in all ends, but I WANTED to take the shawl photos for my Monday post… So, you can again admire a unfinished project :-DDD (Meanwhile I am well versed in wearing handmade things with threads hanging out in public, I can do this with a straight face and no blushing).

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If you are in search for an entertaining lace project I can only recommend Kirsten Bishop's free pattern. The only critique I have is, that I would have loved the sides of the triangular shape to be longer, so that I can wrap it better around my neck. On the other hand, I am not very creative in draping shawls :-D

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara and @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.

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2 of my favorite things: lace and color! Ausgeseichnet!

Dankeschön: It really was a wonderful pattern and it is so lovely that you can use it for free.

Hmm nice colorway choice, my fave too. Oh,by the way you have the same face mole position as my hubby.

Ohhhh perhaps we are genetically related in a mysterious way 😮 😮 😮
ANd thank you for the compliment. I very badly want to wear the shawl, but I think I will invest the time and finally sew the yarn ends in 😂

nice shawl and nice crochet @neumannsalva

Happy to hear you like it and thank you so much for the compliment <3

you're very welcome :)


I love that you have used different thicknesses of threads, if used properly the work looks beautiful, as well as the one you share with us. I love the colors, a dream combination.

I believe that you always knit and sew, and the fact of sharing your comments in each publication, in a way is a way of knitting, because your mind empathizes with the creation you observe and your imagination begins to see how it was knitted, what stitches were used, and much more.

Until the next stitch

Thank you so much for the compliment and sorry I answered so late. I love your thought of words and comments also being a kind of knitted texture (I hope I understood right?) I remember this from Indian philosophy were a special kind of philosophical literature is named "woven fabric" (in Sanskrit) because the words are holding together like a woven fabric <3

That color combination is beautiful, it reminds me of autumn. I'm always fascinated by how they can achieve these incredible knitted patterns.
Anyway, I think the shawl looks good with your coat :D When it's cold there is no fashion worth it hahaha

Oh yes, being cold is not nice and sadly I am not very resistant to cold (I have a friend who wears short sweaters and a bare midriff in winter ---- I am freezing while looking at her)
And thank you for the lovely compliment, but I fear crochet only looks complicated, but it isn’t:-D
(And sorry for answering so late)

What a beautiful shawl! I doubt that my needlework skills will progress that far, but I can admire what other people make, anyway.

Thank you so much <3 And I am sure you will anjage such shawl in no time. I often think crochet lace looks much more complicated than it really is. For me it was super helpful to work with schematics instead of written pattern. I find it much easier to visualise the finished pattern.
(And sorry I answered so late)

Hello I loved the shawl, I remember that I knit one with a similar pattern in my first winter in lime but with a combination of purple and white, I stay very big and I put pompoms in the corners. I also had to use the pattern because it was difficult to memorize the whole sequence. It was so nice to read your post. Greetings 🤗

THank you for this wonderful comment. I think pom-poms (or tassels) would have been such a good addition, but sadly the yarn was not enough.I love big and warm shawls and a purple one is lovely. Do you still have photos of your shawl?
(And sorry for answering so late)

You sitting on the couch and multitasking with your crochet and phone is very relatable :D And what comes to sewing in the ends, can not be bothered by it. I will happily knit for 8 hours straight, but sewing in ends if there are more than two yarns, nope, don't wanna do it. All my own wool socks still have the yarn ends hanging out on the inside, I only finish properly the ones that go as gifts. Grandma and my old primary school teacher would be mortified.

You will not believe it, but my best friend likes to sew ends in... sometimes I am doubting that she is human... perhaps she is a dangerous alien and her love to sewing in ends (and sewing on buttons) is the telling sign :-DDD
Joke aside, sometimes I can bribe her with homemade jam or cookies and she helps me with this unloved task.

Are you sure she isn’t something you made up? Doesn’t sound real at all! 😂