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First up, let us announce this week's winner for the 500HP Delegation for 7 Days Winner

This posting drive will run from 22 June, 2020 until 24 August, 2020.
One winner will be randomly chosen each week for a 500HP Delegation for 7 Days!

For this week's Monday, those who posted directly from the NeedleWorkMonday Community and followed our posting guidelines, therefore eligible to enter the drawing for the 500HP Delegation for 7 Days from @shanibeer are as follows:

@erikah, @romeskie, @lauramica, @inici-arte, @rowee22...


And the winner is.....


Congratulations @rowee22!!! 🎉

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Designing ignites the creative mind.

Here are our featured posts this week from members who posted into the NeedleWorkMonday Community and followed our posting guidelines.

Tailornova | Design Customised Patterns | Coupon, Contest, Review by @shanibeer


Have you ever wanted to design your own patterns? Or wondered how to take your own measurements when no one is around to help you? @shanibeer is back with a very informative post, sharing links that can trigger our inner design desires.


My first project on sewing machine! / ¡Mi primer proyecto con la máquina de coser! 💟 by @lauramica


Having just obtained a sewing machine, @lauramica did not waste any time and went to work quite immediately with her first sewing project - a waistcoat for her kitty. For the benefit of us who are curious on what the pattern looks like, she shares them in her post.


My Needlework Monday Entry/ Altered Blouse by @rowee22


If you are looking to add pizzazz to a plain blouse, @rowee22 shares how granny squares that looks like sunny sunflowers can uplift a plain blouse to a different level. This is a design work that will ignite creative juices for crocheters.


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Off to go check out the cat clothes post that I didn't see before! :D
Yuan vest 2.jpg

Eh, yes, Yuan needs a selection of high class outfits 😁


Yuan Nyan Cat costume.jpg

I did once make him a Nyan Cat costume for Samhain but he wouldn't wear it. LOL

He was younger then, so much more statesman-like now 😍

Yuan 11.jpg

Yes, he is! :D <3

Your cat is so beautiful @phoenixwren! Looks great in his outfits <3

Thank you! I think he's beautiful too. 😊 But so is your kitty! So cute in his coat! 😃

Yay! :) Yuan has an outfit buddy now hehe.

They can both strut down the catwalk together.

cat telling jokes.jpg


Thank you @needleworkmonday - very proud to be featured 😍
Delegation for @rowee22 in place - Enjoy!

Yay!! I won!! Thank you so much!! My fave community!😘



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Yay! Hope you join us weekly :)

Thank you for sponsoring the delegations @shanibeer :)

Congratulations ladies, this is a very nice compilation, again 😊

:) Thank you for joining us every week!

I'm trying my best 😊

Congrats @rowee22

Thank you for stopping by :)

Thanks @needleworkmonday for mentioning my post! This is a very nice community, I love it! Congrats to the winner @rowee22 :)

:) Hope you will continue to join us!

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