NeedleWorkMonday Featured Posts #84 - and this week's 1000 HP 30 Day Delegation Winner Announced!

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Greetings to all needle artists and supporters!

Welcome to @needleworkmonday’s Featured Posts #84

This is a weekly curation showcasing the needlework of our very own HIVEians. Every Monday we get together to share our love and passion for the needle arts using the #needleworkmonday tag. On all other days we use the #needlework tag. We enjoy each other’s creations, ideas, patterns, tips and shortcuts.

We strive to bring to you great quality work filled with tutorials and inspiration. Please help us keep these wonderful needle arts alive and thriving by supporting our creative work and community!


Before we get to our featured posts, let us first announce the 1,000HP Delegation for 30 Days Winner for the third week of April.
The NeedleWorkMonday's Community Posting Drive Challenge runs on HIVE from the first week of April until the first week of May!

Those who posted directly from the NeedleWorkMonday Community this week and eligible to enter the drawing for a 1000HP Delegation for 30 Days from @shanibeer are as follows:

@minismallholding, @dizzyapple, @neumannsalva, @jluvs2fly, @romeskie, @jurich60, @sarimanok, @barbara-orenya, @mers, @inici-arte...



Congratulations @romeskie!!! 🎉

If you would like your chance to win please follow the posting guidelines (found in our FAQs below) and post directly from the NeedleWorkMonday Community!


Let us proceed to our featured projects this week...

Trying Out Sashiko for Visible Mending by @minismallholding


When one think of mending, one would usually try to make them invisible but have you heard of Sashiko? @minismallholding shows us how we can use Sashiko to beautify a mending, making it intentionally visible and stylish, most importantly, giving new life to an old pair of jeans.


NeedleWorkMonday : Beaded Sling Bag by @dizzyapple


@dizzyapple returns with her beaded projects and this week, she shows us her beautifully beaded sling bag. She works a pattern that has rows of flower clusters that runs across the bag, giving it an elegant look and feel.


DIY Recycling Old Garments__From Apron To A Maternity/Multi Purpose Bag by @sarimanok


Repurposing old garments is one of the best ways to reduce global waste. So, what do you do with an old apron and an old khaki skirt? @sarimanok turned them into a maternity bag to welcome a new family member and she guides us through how this can be achieved, an inspiration for all to try.


Crochet Hero Frontliner Bear by @romeskie


@romeskie introduces us to Teddy, the Hero Frontliner Bear, a crocheted Teddy Bear, in appreciation of the frontliners working tirelessly to battle against the virus. With the help of a young assistant, she shares the pattern she followed and now, her young assistant goes everywhere with Teddy.


Thank you for stopping by to view our featured posts for this week. Please stop by their posts and show them some love with a read and an upvote for sharing their handmade creations. To see more needle arts, please check out the #NeedleWorkMonday tag and check back here with @NeedleWorkMonday every Wednesday / Thursday for the weekly Resteems and Curation posts!!

If you are a needlework artist we’d love to have you join us every Monday to share your work and inspire this community to give a craft a try.
On Monday’s, please use the #NeedleWorkMonday tag and on other days, please use the #needlework tag (without the word Monday attached) so we can find each other’s work.


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🌷 Today’s curation is written by @marblely 💻🖱✍🏻

Our Motto: Support & Inspire!


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Thank you so much! So many beautiful projects this week! We are so rocking these quarantine weeks. Let's keep those projects going and keep ourselves busy so we stay indoors.

Thank you for joining us week after week 😍 Enjoy your delegation!
Stay well, stay healthy!

Oh wow, you made my picture look really nice up there, thank you!
Congratulations @romeskie!
I didn't realise there was a contest going on. I'd have put it in the newsletter if I'd known. Might be able to sneak a mention in the next one.

@tipu curate

It's more a membership drive - post in needleworkmonday community on Monday and be entered in the draw for 1000HP for 30 days. Everyone who posts gets a chance to win every week. The mention would be good, though, thank you :)

It's a fantastic idea for a drive. I must try to remember to add it to the newsletter. Do let me know if there are any other drives or news that you'd like to me to add in the communities section. I don't always manage to catch everything.

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 14/28)

Thank you for joining us and sharing your projects! Your photo was nicely taken originally and it made our cover image look good :)
Ah it is a drive to encourage members to post from the community and the winner is chosen from a random draw, not a contest per se but yes, a mention would be nice and much appreciated. Thank you @minismallholding :)

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Thank you so much @c-squared! Much appreciated :)

Thank you so much @NeedleWorkMonday for featuring my simple post.. Its a pleasure. It inspires me to share more.. i always wanted to share but i always missed it, and when i realized it, too bad for me bacause its another day. Glad I didnt missed it this time. And hoping I wont miss it next time, haha.

You are most welcome! Keep sharing, keep posting @dizzyapple :)

Congrats all needlers!

Missed you this week :)

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Thank you so much @build-it.curator! Appreciate it!

Hello, so long.. I was without internet conexion for the last couple of weeks... I will try to get a post for the next monday.. Congratulations to the winner... and great job all the featured...
See you soon