NeedleWorkMonday Featured Posts #105


Greetings to all needle artists and supporters!

Welcome to NeedleWorkMonday Community’s 105th Featured Posts!

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Here are our featured posts this week from members who posted into the NeedleWorkMonday Community and followed our posting guidelines.

Needleworkmonday || Making Simple Yet Elegant Crochet Doily by @jonalyn2020


Simple, beautiful and elegant, 3 words to sum up @jonalyn2020's project sharing this week. She guides us through each step in her tutorial to crochet this doily with a touch of gold yarn and ribbon which also would make this a wonderful gift.


My Needlework DIY__ From Scarf to Toto Outfit by @sarimanok


@sarimanok dyed her own scarf at first and in her post this week, she shows how she transforms the beautifully dyed scarf into a fashionable outfit, one that she took just an hour to sew together.


Autumn is here | Sahtouris' Poem | New Project on Air by @puellacreativa


Poetry moves the heart and for @puellacreativa, the words of her favourite poet about Autumn moved her heart and fingers. She combined her love for poetry with her love for needles and thread to create this beautiful piece of embroidery.


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Wonderful curation selection! Thank you @marblely! I really love that gold ribbon touch in the doily, beautiful ~

Thank you @crosheille! Always a challenge but a pleasure to pick :)
Me too! The doily caught my eye with its neatness and elegance.

I know isn’t it? 😄 We have such great talent in this community it is really hard to choose.

Thank you very much!!! It's such an honor to me and to my beloved poet, Sahtouris!!

Yay! It is so cool that you are able to merge poetry with embroidery!

Thank you #needleworkmonday community for featuring my post. And to the admins @marblely,@muscara, @shanibeer,and founder @crosheille. God bless you all ladies and more power to #needleworkmonday community.

It is a pleasure @jonalyn2020! So glad you joined us. Your work is so neat and beautiful!

With all this appreciation, I am more inspired to create something to share to this community. Together with the other needleworkmonday individuals here, let's spread creativity and support from one another. Cheers for more needlework projects. 😘

God bless you too @jonalyn2020! So glad you are here :)

Lovely projects, as usual. I hope to get back to some needlework soon. I've been busy getting back to teaching at the homeschool coops.

Can't wait to see your projects when you get back to it :)

Wohooooooooooo, we're growing up.

Many thanks for appreciating my work!

I have missed out last monday post due to sickness. I was sick last week. Some tremendous needle work from last weeek. All are awesome and best choice for feature i think