Introducing our Community Builders Team!

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Happy Monday everyone! It’s @crosheille here again :D

It has always been one of our main goals to make sure everyone who joins our community feels welcomed and at home.

We have been so enthused to see our membership growing and new members posting every week! In order to make sure our goals are met we, the administrators, realized it was time to expand our team.

This new addition will allow us to be able to continue focusing on administrative work and making sure the community is running smoothly.

What Do Community Builders Do?

Community Builders (CB’s) do exactly what their title build the community. They find eligible needleworkers and invite them to join our community by leaving comments on their posts. They give them a brief overview of who we are, what we do and a link to our FAQs.

Once the needleworker joins and makes their first post in the NeedleWorkMonday Community the CB team welcomes them aboard making them feel at home. They will also answer any questions and help guide new members as needed.

Who Are the Community Builders?

These ladies were hand picked by our staff based on who we felt would be a good fit. The joy of being a community for so long is that you really get to know people and see their gifts and talents.

We knew we needed people who were already very active, sociable, bright and cheery and always supportive and encouraging to take on this role.

We also wanted to have diversity in ethnic backgrounds and languages because that’s what our community is made of. We know that this is necessary for better communication throughout.


Your NeedleWorkMonday Community Builders are:


Do Community Builders Get Compensated for Their Work?

Yes, CB’s are getting compensated for their time and efforts.

Each CB has been added to the @needleworkmonday accounts’ auto upvote. They will each receive up to one max vote a day on their posts seven days a week. The content doesn’t have to be needlework related...if they post they get upvoted.

They each will also be added on as a beneficiary of every weekly showcase report.

Can other members volunteer to join the Community Builders Team?

We appreciate any interests in wanting to join the new team to help build the community. However, as of now we will be focusing on these chosen 4 helping them develop a flow and system to complete their tasks successfully.

Once we get into a workable routine and there is still a need for more help we will definitely reach out ;)


I would like to thank @shanibeer for providing this awesome idea to us of building such a team. She and the leaders of The Ink Well Community are currently working on building their team :)

We are very excited to welcome our new team onboard to help with aiding the NeedleWorkMonday Community as it continues to thrive and flourish!

Thank you to each of you ladies for accepting our invite! You have all been added as beneficiaries of this post along with @shanibeer ~ 💕

Join us on Discord by clicking the logo below!

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NeedleWorkMonday Founder: @crosheille


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So happy and very much honored to be part of the team! I have been posting through the #needleworkmonday even in "the platform before Hive" and to be honest, this community has been one of the main reasons why I still continue with my crypto blogging.
Love the encouragement I've been getting since day 1 and will make sure that newbies in the community will get the same warm welcome and the support that I got when I was new. Thank you @crosheille and all the ladies behind #needleworkmonday! Y'all rock!

You have been awesome since day 1 and we have no doubts you will do the same for other newbies! 😘

That means a lot to hear that this community is a big part on why you continue to blog. 🥰

So grateful for’re such a jewel. ❤️

@crosheille ~

I feel exactly the same: no hive for me without needleworkmonday. And I am so glad to be in this team with you <3

It's a great honor for me to be participating in this task on @needleworkmonday as this was the first community I joined when I opened this blog ❤️ Thank you for considering me for this 😘

Hey,felicidades Laura, continua siendo tan amigable y entusiasta como siempre.🤗

Muchas gracias Katty ❤️💛

Felicidades!!! Te lo mereces.

Graciass 😃❤️

It seems you have been here way longer than just 4 months. You jumped right in with greeting others and leaving encouraging comments. I love reading your posts and how you always share the process of your work.

We are so blessed to have you with us ~ 😘

@crosheille ~

Hahahaha yes, I love interacting with everyone here 😍😂

Excelente! En hora buena. Felicidades...Saludos

Muchas gracias @jicrochet 💛

Perfect choices. Cheers to building the community further 🥂

Cheers!! Thank you @wolfofnostreet!! 😀

@crosheille ~

Welcome welcome @neumannsalva, @romeskie, @lauramica and @afrikablr! May we have many, many, many more happy, joyous NeedleWorkMondays to come together :) Thank you @crosheille for putting this together!

Absolutely!! 🤩🥳🎉🎈

@crosheille ~

THank youuuuuu for all your wonderful work and I hope I can contribute <3

Yay, thanks a Lot.

Thank you very much! ❤️

Welcome @neumannsalva, @romeskie, @lauramica and @afrikablr - the new community builders. This is a great step for needleworkmonday and wonderful to see it growing! 😍😍😍😍

Thank you for your kind acknowledgement @needleworkmonday 😘

You bet!!! 😍😘❤️🌸

@crosheille ~

Thank you for this lovely welcome and I hope I can contribute <3

Yes, we are . Thank You🦋🥰

Thank youuu ❤️

I feel so honored to be part of this team (and frightend that I do something wrong... you know me über-worrier) I love this community and I feel we are really special with our divers participants and the combination of the topics needlework and blockchain. As I always say: go @needleworkmonday and dominate the world with squishy yarn and pointy needles.

It goes both ways. It's always been an an honor to have you with us now even more so to have you join our team!

Mistakes will be made (trust me I have made plenty of them) but we will learn together along the way and that's what makes us even stronger ;)


Good luck to the team builders. Go, go, go ladies! God speed.

Thank you so much for your positive feedback ~ 😊

Hello!!, congratulations to all. It is a very supporting job.

It truly is supporting! Thank you so much for commenting ~ 😊

I am here for few months. It's a great community to me. I feel that the community should be explored more with the participation of more new genuine needleworkers. This post is appreciating to do such. I am supporting this initiative and hope it will boost the community more.

Welcome to the CBs:

Thank you ❤️😃

Omg. Thanks for your Words.

Thank you so much for your feedback @tasri! We are happy to have you with us and supportive of what we are doing. I truly believe we will continue to grow with more needleworkers sharing their work. I also believe this team will help make that happen by reaching out to newcomers to help them feel even more welcome :)

@crosheille ~

I truly believe we will continue to grow with more needleworkers sharing their work. I also believe this team will help make that happen by reaching out to newcomers to help them feel even more welcome :)

Me too. And it will be, it should be,it must be..

Thank you for this wonderful support

Congrats! Community Builders Team, especially to @romeskie my fellow Filipina.

Thanks Mommy! You were the one who introduced me to this wonderful community so thank you so much! 😊

Buenas! Felicidades!!! Me encanta poder recibir esta notificación. Ciertamente la comunidad está creciendo amigos. Estoy muy feliz de formar parte de ella. Saludos a todos y les deseo muchos éxitos en su nuevas responsabilidades.

Thank you so much for your positive response. We most certainly are growing and I look forward to continuing having fun with all of you talented needle artists :)

@crosheille ~

Omg, I'm SO excited. Thanks a Lot. You inspire me everyday.

So glad to hear it!! We all inspire each other and that's the beauty of what we do!!

I’m very excited too! This has been such a wonderful journey!!

@crosheille ~

Que bonita iniciativa. Felicidades a todas las integrantes del nuevo team.🤗

Thank you @kattycrochet! We are thrilled with this new addition :D

@crosheille ~