A NeedleWorkMonday New Year Challenge!


Greetings friends!

2020 has been such a challenging, strange, abnormal, tough, trying and frustrating year for many of us. Although I’m sure there were good moments and times to be thankful for, the majority of this year has really been hard to cope with.

All the changes, limitations, restrictions, money loss...put a lot of us on edge and kept us in a state of worry and confusion. Health decline, food and supply shortages really shook up our nation.

I have heard several people say they can’t wait for 2020 to be OVER! They are looking forward to bringing in a New Year with hopeful beginnings and new outcomes.

We want to set the atmosphere and the mood for a REFOCUS!

It’s easy to stay focused on all the bad that has happened and all of the misfortune that is going on around us. However staying focused on just those things keeps us stuck where we are, hopeless and down.

Let’s bring in 2021 with a Hopeful Refocused Perspective...

A New Year NeedleWork Challenge!

credit: @rima11

Maybe you want to make a needlework craft that symbolizes the type of year you hope to come. A joyful cross-stitch message would definitely put smiles on faces. How about creating a project that represents your 2021 ambitions? Or maybe even an object that gives you delight and enjoyment and would spread glee to others.

We would like to see any needle art of your choice that helps us refocus on the joy that’s within us!


  1. Your project must be needlework which means a needle is used in the creation process.

  2. Somewhere on or in your project the year 2021 must be visible. We should actually see those numbers (2021) incorporated onto or into your project.

  3. At least two process photos must be included in your post.

  4. Must post your entry directly to the NeedleWorkMonday Community!

  5. Please leave a link to your challenge entry below in the comments of this post so we won’t miss it!

Entry Deadline

All entries for this challenge are due and must be submitted in 3 weeks on Monday, December 28th! We will bring in this New Year full of hope and ambitions!


• 🥇 1st Place - 6 HBD

• 🥈 2nd Place - 4 HBD

• 🥉 3rd Place - 2 HBD

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!



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I love love love this idea. I am such a grumbler, I always focus on what is bad and frightening, I am full of doubts and lets say, Covid did not help. So, I am the perfect recipient of this positive future oriented contest. I am not completely sure I will get something finished till in three weeks, as I should work on the exhibition objects, but I will try my best!!!!
Love this idea <3

I am glad you love this idea! Hopefully it really helps with some of the not so good thoughts we've been having and helps to turn our focus a little.

I know you have your hands full so if you get any extra time to join in that would be great...but if not it is definitely understood why ;)


I love this challenge, I keep thinking about it and see what I can share, this has definitely been a year of opportunities, a year of showing the strength that lives in our hearts. I hope I can bring something back that day... Greetings.

So glad to hear you are thinking about how to participate in the challenge! 😃

Looking forward to your entry ~

Hmmm, I've only seen it now. Challenge accepted! :)

Awesome! So glad you seen this in time to prepare! 😘

Good idea, I love contests and see all the projects we can come up with! I will certainly participate ❤️

Glad you like it and will be joining! Yay! 😀💗

Hola. Saludos. Visualizar el año venidero mediante un tejido es una excelente idea. Me encantaría participar en el concurso. Además de ver todas las creaciones realizadas por todos los inscritos. Desde ya empezaré a preparar mi entrada. A mi entender debe ser publicada antes del 28 de diciembre. Muchísimas gracias por estas dinámicas tan bonitas. 🙋

So glad to hear you'll participate! 😃

The entries do not have to be submitted before the 28th but by the 28th. Meaning December 28th is the last day to submit your entry. 😉

Interesting challenge, I will go it... Since now I am thinking about I am going to do.

Awesome!! So glad you're interested! Looking forward to seeing your entry ~ ☺️

What a Wonderful entry!! Thank you!

Yeah, a nice new coming year, thinking what will be my entry. Am inviting @sarimanok @diosarich to participate

Yes! Let's make this a joyous one with the beauty that comes from creating with our hands ~ 😊

Hi there! I am submitting this today because we might have another power outage just like last night. We have two coming Low Pressure as per weather report. Here's my entry:


Here is a post out of the ordinary. Giving time to time.

My project didn't turn out exactly the way I hoped, but an attempt was made.