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RE: The Bag I'm Not Proud Of

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First: we have a similar saying in German "Lehrgeld zahlen" = to pay your apprenticeship costs, which dates from the time when you had to pay a master craftsman if you wanted to learn a trade.

Projects from our "apprentenceship" time in crafting - we all have them, somewhere hidden (though you could say that we learn with every stitch we make). Often it is stuff where others say it's lovely, but we only see the mistakes we made, what we could have made better...

I have a cardigan which I re-knit three times - it was my first "real" piece of clothing, previously I had only done socks and shawls or cowls. I rarely wear it, perhaps a dozen times so far. One reason are the buttons. I bought some lovely, big wooden buttons - which are much too heavy. If I open the cardigan, the side with the buttons is dragged down by their weight. One mistake I won't repeat! But so far I haven't looked for other buttons because I just can't stand that cardigan. Perhaps in a year or two...

Have a !BEER


Lol, looks like I'm not the only one with a project that I'd rather hide. 😁

It's interesting to know that other nations have the same saying. It's true by the way and wasn't invented accidentally as it had true meaning.

However, I'm not worried as I've come a long way already and I'm better now.

Thanks for stopping by, have a creative week 😊