Scarf for My Oldest Son

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Last year, 2020, I refound my love for knitting. I finished 25 projects - mostly socks. They are one of my favorite thing to knit.

All my grandchildren received a pair and my son got a little bit jealous. He wanted something special just made for him (I did give him a pair of socks I had made for me - but a little bit too big).

A scarf was on his wishlist since he will have to travel more in his new job and some of the trips will go to colder climates (that is if and when we can travel freely again).

The yarn we picked is absolutely gorgeous.

Lace Seta Mulberry.JPG

Lace Seta Mulberry by Lana Grossa
35 % Silk (Mulberry), 35 % Baby Alpaka, 30 % Merino Virgin Wool

What a pleasure to work with!

Since the time a used to knit a lot, much has changed in the world of knitting. Many new techniques have been developed and they are easy to learn thanks to the many tutorials and videos found online.

The pattern asked for a tubular cast on. I decided to crochet the required stitches onto the knitting needle for the temporary cast on.


This was much easier to remove than other temporary cast on methods I have used.


I did the cuff in a US size 5 needle and was going to switch to a US 6 when starting the slip stitch. That is what I did in the swatch you see in the second photo.

But I forgot and did the whole thing in US 5 needles.

To see the eye cord finish on the side develop was a lot of fun.

50 g.png

One 50 g ball of yarn gave me 25 " of fabric. Not bad. For the length my son wanted, I used two balls of yarn and a little bit of a third to finish.

cast off.jpg

The cast off was new to me as well. After knitting a couple of rows similar to the starting - slipped stitches and such are involved, I moved all the knit stitches to one needle and the purl to another.

Then I joined them together with Kitchener stitch.


Another way to wear his scarf :)


Knitiful! I do not know how to knit, you knit, neatly scarf looks too good on your handsome son, proud wearing your creation.

Thank you so much :)

What a nice thing to be able to give gifts but you make to your family. By grandmother used to both mit and crochet and taught me how to do the basic steps when I was little… but do you think I remember? No. It's good to have a practical gift. I used to sew with a sewing machine in my husband at the time was jealous of the time I spent on the machine so eventually it began to collect dust. Keep knitting! I admire you for it. You're so gifted! Handsome son, too!!

Thank you. I used to sew all of our clothing - back in the day when I was able to get fabric for like 50 c a yard in the big fabric outlets.
A friend and I would drive to Anaheim and buy a year's worth of fabric - and not spending a whole lot...
Now, fabric is so expensive and clothing so cheap....

Funny how that happened.... clothes are being made in other countries by people working for less than can be made here by our wages, I think. How is the yarn prices?

Wow, what an accomplished knitter you are! You remind me of a beloved childhood book in which Davey Deer's mother knits him a new red scar, and it unravels as he runs through the woods to show it off to his friends, never noticing that it's getting shorter and shorter as he goes. He was so ashamed and mortified on coming home with a long thread, but his mom was so sweet and didn't scold him - just promised to reknit it. I was in awe of this fiction, a mom who wouldn't scold her careless child.
My mom knits too (and I never unraveled any of her mittens or scarves!). She doesn't buy nice yarn, though. Maybe I should find some for her, if she plans to keep knitting at age 83. (She's working on a very challenging sweater for the youngest great-granddaughter. I would buy the thing before I'd spend so much time on it!)
This is indeed beautiful: Lace Seta Mulberry by Lana Grossa
35 % Silk (Mulberry), 35 % Baby Alpaka, 30 % Merino Virgin Wool
Why waste one's time and talent on stiff acrylic??
(Someone stop me from taking up knitting, crocheting, and embroidering - unless it keeps me from painting more cats on wood slices!)
#LOVE love love your garden in the background and all the other photos. :)

You are so sweet!
And yes, buy your mom some nice yarn! It can be pricey, but if you look for sales, good stuff can be had.
For knitting for kids, I would buy superwash yarn since that can go into the washing machine.
But if you wear wool, it doesn't have to be washed very often.
These are my favorite bigger companies that can have some good sales

Webs -
knitpicks -

There are lots of Indie dyers and people who support Heritage breeds and such I am trying to support more as well - but that takes a bit more money...

Thanks for the tips on yarn buying - I'll see if I can get Mom to get with the program. :)

Great. You have brought me back old memories. When I was in high school, the scarves were a bit thinner and my classmates tied them into a tie.

I am glad that you had a good memory :)

I am really enjoying seeing your neatly knitted works! This is a really nice scarf you gifted your son with. It’s obvious from the photos how much he’s enjoying it :)

Thanks for sharing with us again this week ~

Thank you for organizing this group. I had the intention to participate for a long time but was always so busy with gardening and other things that my love for fiber arts went on the back burner.
The flame is burning bright again :)

It's such a pleasure!

I am glad the flame is burning again and you are finding more time for it :D

@mariannewest, It looks good on him. Hope that now he is happy. 🙂

Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

Thank you!
Btw. We have more contests at the Freewrite House again. Maybe you want to participate

Welcome and i will try. Thank you so much for your kind invitation. Stay blessed.

So sweet!

Of course that's how grandparents are. My mom rarely thinks of me for presents, her full attention has already been diverted to her grandchildren. I feel jelly at times too like your son. But look at that smile! Shows how happy he is with the scarf.

We have to tell your mom to make something for you too :)

Wow great job there @mariannewest and on the scarf too! lol...(your son is very handsome.....😃...)

I found some gorgeous, colourful wool at an op shop once with a knitting patter too, so I tough, I'm going to have a go at this, opened up the pattern, saw a million numbers everywhere and closed it back up again straight away never to look at it again.

I've nothing against knitting per se, just numbers...not that I'm bad at maths either, but what on earth do numbers have to do with knotting needles and wool in your hands....😳

hahaha - some patterns are very complicated. I just am relearning that as well. Actually, when I was young I mostly knit without a pattern...
It is helpful to follow some to learn new techniques and such.

(And I agree - my son is handsome. All three of my kids are. They are half white and half Japanese. That makes for a good mix 🤪)

Yes they are gorgeous...( I mean the scarf- the SCARF! lol...🤣..)

I can do if taught by sight, but not by tiny little numbers everywhere.

Maybe one day when computers are attached directly to my brain and my hands are idle instead of typing, I might learn again...

So if you want your grandchildren to be half Aussie mixed in there

Totally would love me some Aussie grandchildren :)

My youngest son is available - but he is of the modern millennial kind that finds dating and relationships to be too much work...

We should start a sit and knit hour :) I wonder if any of the video functions on here work for a live group video experience...

Haaa, I'm so like your modern millennial son, I was just a few decades early for my time...

Well, have you thought about 3speak livestream?

I've never done one, but I'm sure they work and it could be a great weekly series- especially for so many Europeans in winter and in lockdown....

I know that I would have a go.

So livestream, then see if it will record the livestream so for those in the other half of the world that can't make it, can watch it later....

I have to check it out. I am such a weanie when it comes to tech...

Well I'm sure that someone will be able to answer any questions that you've got (just not

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This is so lovely of you!!! I am not good in knitting gifts... i am have to admit I only do it for my husband or mother, but very sparingly :-DDD I guess I am selfish with the knitting.
I understand your joy over the yarn, it looks so soft! And I also love the i-cord finish (which I only recently learned) Sadly my stitches are not nearly so even/neat as yours.
Lovely scarf! <3

So sweet. This is really beautiful.

If I may ask, How long did it take you to knit the scarf?


I have to look for that book!!