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RE: Music in a CROCHET dimension | Part 3

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Welcome to the NeedleWorkMonday community @puellacreativa! Your work is beautiful!
We would definitely love to see more of your projects! And I saw you have been posting :)
Do take a moment to read our FAQs on the posting guidelines, there is a section for new members.
Join us on Mondays by posting directly from the NeedleWorkMonday community and include #needleworkmonday as one of the tags or if you join on other days, remember to include #needlework. We look forward to seeing you here!


Thank you!! I am totally new to this kind of platform and I didnt' know how to start and what to publish and share first!! Thank you for giving me the direct link to FAQs beacuse I am totally totally inexperienced!! I did some comments these days but due to my Low HP I can comment only 5 -10 a day! I will definitely publish today something unique only for your community!! I look forward to staying here!!