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Happy #NeedleWorkMonday lovely HIVEians!


When the mind starts to worry, we often try to find ways or something to distract the mind or refocus on something else, just to get the mind off the worry.

In the last couple of weeks, I was worried. Worried for a loved one, worried for my family, worried for myself. I was very tired but I had to stay strong, to be there for my family. There was a lot of waiting time while we leave it in the hands of the professionals to do what they do best. In all the waiting time, I tried to knit. I was knitting slowly... knitting something to calm my mind, to calm my soul, to distract myself, to refocus and regain my energy and most importantly to keep going. The truth is, I do not know what I was knitting or am knitting. I just felt like knitting and purling.

Earlier, I took my knitted table mat and started frogging it (thank you @neumannsalva, I learnt the word frogging from you :D).

I felt the table mat was too small and I wanted to play with colours, knit stripes and see where it goes. I have no idea what I was knitting but I just wanted to knit and purl.

After the table mat, I knew that my red yarn could only knit to that size. I decided to combine with an off white yarn to create stripes and to create a bigger piece of something. I followed the same pattern as the table mat. Knitting and purling as I went while knitting the first 5 and last 5 rows to create the border.

I knit and knit and knit, changing colours every 2 rows.

I kept going and I realised that the anticipation of seeing the colour change made me want to keep knitting.

And the knitted piece was now twice the size of my earlier table mat. I felt really good that I knitted and purled entirely using the continental method which I am getting used to.

Until I finished the red yarn and I continued with pink.

I continued to interchange the colours, creating the pink and off white stripes this round.

The stripes continue to grow.

For now, I continue to knit this something. I am still thinking what this will be. I might keep adding yarn to this or stop at pink, though there is not much of pink left :D

As pointed out by @neumannsalva, cheap acrylic yarn really knits well. And they feel quite soft and squishy too compared to crochet :)

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Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead and
Happy #NeedleWorkMonday! Take care everyone!

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I Love Knit!! I calm my self also starting a project.. without project...
You stripes are beautiful I will try some day... here now are no a cheap yarn..
Thank you for share

Thank you @tahiaarq! Your works are so beautiful, especially those that you made with tshirt yarns. Thank you for your lovely comment <3

I hope everything everything you're worrying about turns out fine. A lot of us tend to worry a lot during these times and I'm glad you are able to feel calm in knitting. Which by the way looks really relaxing. I love the colors.

As Bob Marley said, every little thing's gonna be alright. Keep safe. :) XOXO

Thank you dear. I hope so too. I am just grateful that we have these crafts to keep us preoccupied and prevent the mind from wandering too far into the unknowns. Ah wise words from the cool Bob Marley. Thank you again. I wish you well and stay safe too <3

I am so sorry you have reason to worry and hope all will be better soon. Fearing for loved ones is gruesome... I remember many sleepless nights and I still feel kind of overprotective of my mother and husband as I fear so much for them after all the dark things last year. I so feel with you and want to hug you <3 <3 Waiting and fearing is like torture.
I am glad your stripy project is helping you to focus for some moments on other things and to calm a bit. The colors you have chosen are so lovely (you know me and pink <3) The color combo and the stripes remind me of old photographs of the 20 from the sea where women are wearing striped swimwear with long trousers and enjoying themselves with more freedom than before.
I send you strength 🌈🌈🌈

Thank you sooo much @neumannsalva <3 <3 Your words and strength delivery mean a whole lot to me. I hope so too. It is total torture and when you ask around for update, nobody could tell you anything and your mind will just think of the worst.
Ooo you are right, it does look like that. I didn't think of that :) I do love the colours too. They do bring some cheer whenever I look at them.
I wish you well too dear. Stay happy, stay safe and stay well to you and your husband and your mother <3