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They have been staring at me for weeks, maybe months. I placed them by the balcony door, so that I see them everyday when I open the sliding door in the morning, and hopefully to be able to find the mood to work on them.

They are my favourite pair of sports shoes, as was evident from the state they endured until they could no longer take it anymore and they broke down or tore, in this case.


The mood finally came. Well, not exactly, it came for a brief moment and was about to diminish when I pushed myself to grab the needle and thread, black thread. It made sense for black thread on a pair of black shoes.


I have mentioned in the past, mending is not exactly the most exciting project to work on, or one that I look forward to. But it is necessary to save my favourite pair of garment, or my favourite pair of shoes.

The truth is, it is not easy to find a garment or shoes that fit well and because of that, I tend to want to do all I can to prolong their lives. Although, when it came to cheaper stuffs like my favourite pair of skirt or pants, I usually would buy a few of the same size and design, just in case :)


I could have left them as they were. They looked quite rugged at first but the challenge was when I forget that they were there. With a pair of bright colored socks, they showed glaringly, as though they wanted to ooze out from the holes. Awkward. Plus, the holes were getting bigger each time I wore them and that would truly be the end of the shoes.


With a double thread, I started with the first poke through from inside out. It was quite fiddly at first but once I got the hang of it, it was quite okay.


And I went on and on, first from top to bottom, bottom to top, almost like embroidery but not really. The shoes had holes and I used them as guide at first but it did not last long.


I continued stitching, after reaching the end of the hole, I reversed and stitiched cross the earlier stitches, to strengthen the stitches.


I went on for a few rounds, until it became horizontal stitches. I think I stitched about 3 to 4 rounds before I decided that the stitches are quite strong to avoid my toenails to poke another hole at the same location. Then, it was the other pair's turn.


Like I said, this is not the most interesting project but a necessary one. The best part to mending is that the result is always, always very satisfying because you get to wear your favourite again.

I was half thinking of adding maybe a flower or a simple embroidery but that would scream loud. The last thing I wanted for this pair of shoes is for the mending to be prominent. I wanted to keep them looking as "professional "as they could as a pair of good ol' sports shoes.

Here they are, plain, simple, unassuming and hopefully, unnoticable but most importantly, wearable again :)


~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

Here's wishing everyone a good week and take care!

~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

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Thank you!!! :)

You're welcome @marblely 😉👍

At first look, I didn't notice the patch you made. Great job mending the shoes. I would just have thrown away mine of they had holes and if I decided to mend them, I would have gone ahead and patched a sunflower design on that but yeah, it would not make the shoes look professional. Haha.

Woops haha. Thank you. A patched sunflower would look pretty and cute :) I was half thinking 50-50 but sometimes I needed to wear these shoes to work too. I think cute wouldn't work there :D

I like the basket wave stitch you did, and doing it in black is just a touch, I love all Upcycled project I believe recovering clothes shoes is one Upcycled project you can be so original and get awesome income..
Thank you for share!
Have a graet week

Hello! Hehe it started as a basket wave stitch but in the end, it was straight lines :D
Yes, you are the upcycle queen! :) Thank you for dropping by here!

Thank you for that title!!! It is my honor... 😁💚💚💚

Yay you did it! I’m so proud of you for getting out that needle and thread. Now you can enjoy your favorite much longer ;)

They kind of remind me of worn out patched up jeans. This could be the new look for shoes anyway. 😉😄

I’m still working on my project too. I tell myself as long as I get in a little a day.

Yes!! Thank you @crosheille! I was motivated after our conversation 😘. The best part is, because they are all black and when I wear them, far from the eyes above, I can't see the stitches, especially when it is dark :D I am sooo happy! But I still have 4 slippers to repair!! 👀

Come, lets do this!! We can do it! :)

I really understand you! it is very difficult to find a replacement for your favorite comfortable things. it's great that you could extend the life of this pair of athletic shoes

Yes!! Especially when it is hard to find one that fits well. Thank you for dropping by <3

Ingenious way to make this arrangement. I think they were quite neat and the important thing is that they continue to be functional 😃.

Awww.. thank you :) I got lazy towards the end hehe but I noticed because it is far down from the eyes, the stitches cannot be seen :D

Wooo congrats on tackling your mending! I understand, it feels like such a big chore sometimes. I have a whole mending pile that sits there for months until I decide to do something with it. 😅

Hahah right? Me too.. A big pile and I just don't want to look at them anymore but.... it is the only way to be able to wear them again :D

Good job saving your shoes for longer life! Looks good. !BBH

Thank you! Hopefully for a few more years :D

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Thank you!!

Running/sport shoes break much too fast in my eyes. I also find it difficult to find a pair which is fitting well and not too expensive and when these break down I am always devasted. I am glad you were able to repair your shoes (although I think a tiny flower would have been nice too :-D) - did you tried them out? Did the repair worked? I am asking because I tried myself on these kind of shoes some weeks ago and my repair was not of long duration. My shoes always get holes at the heel, always.... and then I get holes in my heel 🤣😱 I have bought a kind of tape (it is plastic and could be used to repair a tent) and I put inside. It worked good for I guess two weeks, now it’s crumbling and shredding and I am back at shoes with holes. Next thing I will try is another kind of tape I got a running shoe shop, its also like plastic tape, but very smooth. I hope this will work (honestly i have three pair of shoes which got these holes at the same time).
Could this kind of tape be a solution for your shoes too (for the inside to make the repair more stable)?

Yes! I have tried the shoe for a week and the stitches are still in place and it lasted through puddles of rainwater too :D I did stitch through many many rounds, just in case. Hehe yah, I was half thinking of a flower but I wanted to wear this to work sometimes and thought better not.
Ooo the heel. I have that too. I have not attempted to mend the heel yet. But the plastic tape thing didn't sound like it can last. How about sewing a patch? Or a few layers of patch? Maybe that would work? :D