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As I continue my journey to fix holes (which seems neverending), I have to say it again that fixing or sealing holes are not the most interesting projects of needlework. It requires a whole lot of mood, the right mood, which does not swing by often.

Although they are not the most exciting projects, they are very much needed to prolong our comfy t-shirts and t-shirts which have sentimental values to us.

The first holes to be fixed were near the armpit of this t-shirt, a big one just under the armpit and a smaller one at the side.


With the sewing machine, I used the stretch zigzag stitch and carefully pinched the hole closed before starting the machine.


It did get a little tricky as the machine moved but as long as our fingers are in place, the holes can be sealed.


The result was pretty okay.


There are many more holes to be sealed, waiting for me to attend to them.

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Here's wishing everyone a good remainder week ahead and
Happy #NeedleWork! Take care!

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Smart of you to prolong these T-shirt’s, especially those sentimental ones. It made a huge difference! I would rather wear a shirt with these stitch lines rather than a hole.

Preserve on my friend!! 😀😄

Thank you @crosheille 😘 Yes, preserve on, before other holes appear :D I will keep sealing them. Hehe.

Haha great to know!! 😄

I also mend holes. My great-grandmother would not be wasteful, so I will not either. I have become quite good at mending and darning over the years.

👍 It is gratifying to be able to continue wearing them over the years.

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Nice way of mending holes! After many sewing alterations I decided to use many creative ways to "show" the holes! This way we can honor both the wearing down of the blouse and the "mendmaker" for doing something else on the cloth :) So, every time I found crazy or not creative ways to show that :)

My repair pile is always so big! Good on you for tackling yours!