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I was feeling a little blue this past week and had no motivation to work on my projects, projects that have been hanging around at the back of my mind.

Then, a little motivation came to sew a cushion cover for my dad's lazy chair. It is always good to have a purpose to push us forward, isn't it?

I took measurements when I was there and after browsing through my stash of fabric, I decided on this light blue striped linen fabric, not too busy and hardy enough as a cushion cover for a chair.


After measuring, I cut out the fabric that I needed...


...and hemmed the short edges for the envelope opening.


I chose to sew the envelope design which was simpler although it takes up more fabric. But hey, I have fabric to spare :)


I re-calibrated the fabric to ensure the measurements are correct with the envelope insert.


Once sure, I pinned the sides and started sewing the piece together.


I added an edge sewing too, to minimize fabric fraying.


The envelope insert was quite short or shallow and it made sense to add a button.


To insert a button, I first folded the cushion cover at the center and marked the middle with a wash away ink pen.


I prepared the snap button pieces and clamping tool.


I used the thumbtack piece of the snap button to poke a button through to mark the center of the cushion cover.



and flexed my hand muscles to tightly grip the button clamper.


Then, it was time to flex the opposite piece of the snap button.


The snap buttons need to be really pressed flat at the center, to enable the button to fasten and release with ease. If they are not flat enough at the center, the button might get stuck together.


Once the button is good, we are good.



Here, tested with the cushion. It fits just nicely :)



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Here's wishing everyone a good remainder week ahead and
Happy #NeedleWork! Take care!

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Well done!! I hope completing this project helped those blues go away. Lately I’ve been in and out of a slump and taking photos has been bringing me out of it. I have to admit I haven’t been in much of a craft mood lately. I’d rather just enjoy what everyone else is doing for now.

I really love those snap buttons! They always add a little more to a project :)

Thank you @crosheille for your uplifting words! <3
It did a little and I pushed myself to do a little more.
It is quite hard sometimes when the mood just doesn't want to come, isn't it? We need to find other things to do, to distract and regroup with our mood.
I love them too! But it is quite challenging to get the middle part really flat to have the snap button to work snappily. I have had instances whereby the snap button got stuck because the center was not flattened enough. But my hands were already pressing it like crazy!

Yes it is definitely hard. I’ve been in that move for quite some time now. I think when other things in life hit you and your focused is so occupied on other things it tends to happen that way - at least that’s the case for me right now.

I’ve worked with snap buttons one time and they are some particular little fellers lol! Glad you were able to make it work though.

There's more to needlework than just crafting. Sometimes it is all it takes to cheer us needleworkers up. I find crocheting always has a way to chase all my blues away too.

Hope the weekend brings more smiles and cheers your way. :)

Thank you! It did. Though sometimes, it can get stressful when things don't work the way we planned :D
Ooo yes, I love your crochet projects! :)

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