Needleworkmonday: Used Shawl Turned Into A Special Dress

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Hello everybody,

Dyaaaaraaan! Look, it's done, just this afternoon. Super dooper, hot off the hook!


Remember my last blog, 13 days ago, about the spiral stitch in granny square? This is the application. I call my outfit ...The Fairy Godmother minus the Magic Wand, hahaha.


Actually, I call it The Godmother only, then tonight I ask the opinion of my eldest sending her my picture. She suggested the name the Fairy Godmother because she said I look like one. Hmm, do I?


Grateful my skin rashes is gone, timely for my photoshoot.


Photoshoot by my daughter, Jewel in front of Jurich Crochet Studio same time our house.

Behind the scene while shooting: ho my, she let me pose, pose and pose hahaha.

The Construction

The fairy godmother dress was constructed using a 2 1/4 mwidth x 2 m length preloved shawl I ordered online. Folded it and cut or slit at the center about .6m fitted my underarm. upper breast, sewed the garter all around by hand. And, attached by sewing the 10 granny square swirl stitch join as I go using a 4ply milk cotton, pale pink, for the main square and 16 ply fine cotton, fuschia pink, for the edging.


On the ninth square I was wrong with some extra stitch, solution just ignored my mistake, I did want to frogged and re do the last round,I find ways, no one will noticed it.


When I tried the granny squares my skin was almost scratch by the pins, it was good my granddaughter Alexie got it right away.


When I sew by hand the garter.

This is all folks, thanks for passing by... hope you like my creation an old item turned new with crochet accent.


Thanks to @kennyroy for my footer.




Ang galing mo tlaga sister.

Salamat Sis, hanap way kay lisod mo adto ug mall baya ning panahuna kaya luma gamitin.

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Wow!Donya ang dating mo sis. Fresh na fresh ang shades. I hope that my efforts will be seen too. Lol!

You look beautiful, Fairy Godmother!
So nice to see you and such a beautiful dress, what a lovely idea. I like the crochet trim, I must go back to your earlier post to learn how to do it. The colour is so pretty, and you are right about the error: no one will notice, even when you told us, I couldn't see it! 😍.
Have you made the dress for a special occasion?

Thank you much @shanibeer yeah I made the dress for a special occasion here for our community hehehe needleworkmonday is special! On the real world, nope, am very afraid of gatherings or the pandemic.

Hmm, I will review if I have written the pattern, if not I will write it.

I will review if I have written the pattern, if not I will write it

Thank you 😍


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Yes naman! Dyosa! Ang ganda po mommy. Bagay na bagay. Yung pictorial pa, sa may halamanan. Fairy Godmother talaga. :)

Hanap ka na ng Shawl ahehehe @arrliinn patuloy lang sa crochet ha magaganda ang gawa mo

Wow, ang ganda ... I am amazed at how it turned out!Congrats!

Mao lagi, need lang gyud diay imagination para ang luma maging new again.Thanks much @mers my debt of gratitude to you, as in.

Mura gyud Fairy godmother Ate. Very creative and Artistic! Unya kagwapa pud! 😊

Lagi magic wand na lang daw kulang ko ay...

What a nice dress, the crochet detail gave it a charming touch. Good photo shoot, this color suits you very well ❤️.

Thanks for passing by @lauramica yes it is the crochet spiral granny squares that give a new look to the old shawl.

Oh @jurich60 you are truly a fairy godmother, and your magic wand is your crochet needle.
your dress is charming and it fits you very beautiful.
It made me want to have one just like it.
Greetings and blessings friend.

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Thank you much much @kattycrochet pls make your version and show us here

You look absolutely beautiful @jurich60! The crochet touch made it even more elegant and delightful! Love the photoshoot and so glad to know your skin rash has gone away ~ 🌺

Thank you much @crosheille I know conclude that crochet touch can beautify an old wearables.
My whole body rashes gone now but still on feet remains about 20% itchiness.

You’re welcome ~ 😊

I hope your feet clear up all the way soon.

OMG what shall I say: You are the queen of all fairy godmothers 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 I love everything, the dress, the crochet border, the photo and your pose - this is amazing, especially the photo where you hold the dress open and one can see its wide skirt part. The green behind you let the whole scenery look like a model shoot from a fashion magazine. So beautiful.
And with the mistake… I couldn’t spot it and I am sure absolutely nobody will look at a tiny stitch when you are wearing this dress <3


Ahahaha thanks much, Even me can not believe this is the result of simply redoing the shawl. Yes, the smallest mistake can't be noticed.