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Hello everybody,

Here is my sexy doll Thalia!


After reading the original contest blog, 13 days ago...


I really thought I can't make an entry. I was busy unpacking our things for we transferred last Nov 3 to our new place where I can sing..."This land is mine"...avoiding monthly rent and we can do what ever structure we want.

I was sad that time because I can't buy doll anymore for my entry, this area is a little far from the City's public market plus I have no helper to unpacked things. Then, last week, my son and grandson went to another City for a site visit for soil test project, no more food stock. So, I went out to our neighbors store about 200m away from us. Wow! I was surprised they have dolls on display for sale! I bought the 3 dolls left and ordered another one to complete the representation of my four daughters. While I was holding the dolls my mind wandered and imagined how will I dress them.


Last saturday at dawn, my only time to crochet, I decided to chose the doll that represents my last born...



Trendy and daring one, who always dye her hair and who participated various modelling bikini open when she was just 15 yrs. Me and hubby actually opposed what she liked that time but hard headed girl! Oh, by the way she is my 8th child who did not enjoyed breastfeeding, all of the seven were breastfed. Am not sure if the trait molding thus count.

She really insisted to join bikini contest, as a Crochetist all her bikini outfits was crocheted, that made her unique. I was happy when we chatted on messenger, all what I made for her 10 yrs ago still intact.


I told her to study the stitches especially now she is crocheting commission crop tops.


Here is the written pattern:

Materials: mercerized cotton lilac color, crochet steel hook 1.3mm

For the top: leaving 1 inch chain(ch) 25,twin double crochet(dc) post 7x, ch 25, leaving 1 inch, cut.

In the 6th twin post insert hook, ch 1, 7 dc into next twin post,skip 1 twin post, 7dc into next twin post, sc in next twin post, ch 2, 1dc in each 2stitch(st) close as cluster, (1 dc in each 3 st) close as cluster,then last Row 3 dc cluster, ch 25, leaving 1 inch, cut.

Repeat for 2nd cup. Weave ends.

Bikini bottom: Ch 6, 1 half double crochet in each ch 5, ch 1.repeat until row 4,increase 1 hdc at each side on row 5, 6 and 7, 1 twin dc, ch 25, leaving 1 inch, cut. Add twin dc and ch 25 on the next side.

Repeat row one, this time in front of row 1 for the butt. row 2 and to the last row increase 1 hdc in each side, 1 twin dc, ch 25 leaving 1 inch, cut. Repeat with the other side. Done!

I should have made a bikini cover up with fillet stitch but oh my I was really sleepy and as you may know we only use solar lamps we have no electric connection yet, many requirements I hav'nt comply yet. We used the heavy duty Solar panel it could let the electric fan and laptop run. Thanks with this technology I ordered at shoppee.

Just until here, may you love my Thalia Doll,too.

Thanks for dropping by...

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Thank you #needleworkmonday community which is going stronger and amazing with the founder, active administrstors, contributors and supporters.



Hello, I have to say that I love your idea of representing your daughters with a doll, it is so cute.
Your doll really looks like Thalia and the bikini is so tiny, It is really a challenge to crochet so tiny clothes, but you did it in an excelent way. Thanks to share the pattern. Congratulations.

Thank you much hehehe you like Thalia, too.

Sexy siater, nice one, O want to know how to but too busy.

Oh, thanks for dropping by Sis...soon if di ka na busy matutunan mo ra yan

Wow!! I have known you for quite some time on here now and didn’t realize you have 8 children! 😮🤩 That’s beautiful!!! What a blessing!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to enter. I’m so glad you were able to find a doll and even more to represent your daughters.

That mini bikini is so cute! It intrigues me just how small we can actually work stitches in order to make mini masterpieces.

Nice entry ~ ❤️

Really hehehe even me I can't believed I delivered 8 life in this lifetime, especially now, they have their own families. Me and hubby back to only the two of us. Thanks for appreciating my rush entry.

Wow, nice work, mommy! I love how you chose to represent your children with the dolls. 😍❤️

Yes, noong nakita kong maraming dolls naisip ko agad four daughters kong nasa malayo.

I hope you're happy in the new home once everything is unpacked and where it should be. Do you have a nice tree again that you can yarn bomb?

I love how you used the challenge and the doll as a retrospect of something you made for one of your daughters :)

Have a !BEER

Hehehe thanks no trees for now still bare land am still planting the avocado tree which we ate last summer, then dwarf coconut someone gave us and jackfruit trees still half meter high but the wide fence surrounding the property can be yarn bomb. I need lots and lots of yarns.

Thanks much much for the beer!

Hey @jurich60, here is a little bit of BEER from @muscara for you. Enjoy it!

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Galing ahhh... SUper busy na ako until this end of the month...

Thanks much for dropping by...

First: congratulations to your own land! This is an amazing development. And that you had so much luck to find the dolls in a shop nearby... wow.
I love your concept to crochet a bikini for your Barbie which represents your youngest daughter. It is always fascinating for me to get to know you all better and I love how you describe your youngest daughter (as a wild spirit with a lot of creativity)
Your tiny crochet bikini is super cute and I admire your neat stitches on this really small object.
Thank you for this entry <3

Thanks much much for appreciating my tiniest work and enjoyed my story.

¡Hola! Me encanta la presentación del post. Muy lindo y sexy el atuendo de tu muñeca. Me encanta. Gracias por compartirnos este hermoso contenido. ¡Suerte!

Gracias gracias me amiga.

I can't imagine what it must be like to weave these tiny pieces, you are quite an artist 😍. I loved the story of the choice of the doll. ❤️

Thank you @lauramica we are all Crochetist here in the community...

Es toda una coqueta esa muñeca igual a ti, bellas ambas, felicidades por tu hermoso trabajo

Gracias @carolinacardoza happy much appreciating my worx...

Ang cute nya sis!

Hi...They are a mini woven pieces, the doll looks super flirty, really very sexy... Greetings

Wow! So sexy like your daughter Thalia! Love what you did, Sis. Good luck with the contest.