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Hello everybody,

It's monday again, needlework time here in Hive. Sharing our passion. This week am sharing again a plant that never die, the String of Pearls, Senecio Rowleyanus, I crocheted as main entrance door decor of my new crochet studio.


After my post last monday about the crocheted cactus plant, I searched Pinterest again for another free pattern of any variety of cactus or succulents that is easy to follow. This String of pearls caught my attention. I love how it hanged. So, I crocheted the soil, using the left over yarns when I made the colorful curtain. I truly was satisfied with the soil shape colorway result, sooo colorful.



I stuffed the soil with the bubbles from the package I received two days ago from Lazada, my son, Jon, sent me the light ring I can use for my vlogging activity. Bless, bless my 2nd son! Thankful, too, I have now more bubbles for stuffing crocheted soils and crocheted cactus plants.


The main String of Pearls was constructed using chains of 5 in between 9 pcs popcorn stitch (5 dc in one stitch) with 2.5 mm hook in one string, while some I used 4 half double crochet (hdc) to make the popcorn for smaller effect.


This is a must to practice, the popcorn stitch, by a crochet begginer it is very easy and fast. After crocheting the poppy strings I sewed it into the colorful soil. The yarn green shade I used have a limited stocks, I only have 4 balls thats why the hanging strings was just few. I think I may add another brand of green yarns.


Then, thankful I have this materials I turned into plant hanger then I placed the yellow string hanging the violet pot.



Viola! I can now hang the crocheted String of Pearls Plant! Oh, how delighful!

Thanks for dropping by,


Grateful to @crosheille for founding the needleworkmonday community share and to inspire together with her active admins @marblely and @muscara



You really have a knack for colors! This is such a beautiful crochet plant, it will brighten up everyone’s mood immediately. And did I read right? You have a new crochet studio? This sounds amazing.

Thank you, ahehehe hubby constructed our tiny house just for the two of us only 27sqm as our retirement house, then in an instant I call it my crochet studio, I will yarn bomb it.

Manually curated by blacklux from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you much...

What a cute idea, I love this! :D

Thank you at least we can make our own home decor.

As a decoration was a luxury. Good vibes!.

Yeah, home decor made by us is awesome.

What a fun project!

Oh thanks much you like it.

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