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Hello everybody,

Grrrrrr, it is cold up here, at Albor Hills especially at dawn. For us senior citizen, 21°C is too cold already, then early in the morning went up to 23°C, still cold but fresh air and anions in abundance! Blessings from nature, am grateful for. That's why last saturday I crocheted another messy bun beanie I can wear. Look! Hot of the hook yesterday.



I just copied the same messy bun I made in 2016 using thin yarn or 1 ply and combination of sugar free yarn.


Here is the Pattern:

3 pull or 3 ply lanalon yarn ( I ordered online at Shoppee, Crochet With Felicity, the seller) using pink(P) and fuschia pink(FP) colorway.
Crochet hook: 4mm aluminum hook.


Stitches & terms used:
Chain(ch), Single Crochet(sc), Double Crochet(dc), Front Post Double Crochet(fpdc), BackbPost Double Crochet(bpdc), Half Double Crochet(hdc), repeat(rep), previous(prev), space(sp)

3 Rows of dc equals 3".
3 rows of dc stitch equals 1 7/8" plus sc into next st - traditionally called diagonal box stitch



Row 1: Make 15 ch as the foundation ch plus 3 ch, which is considered as 1st dc, 1 dc in next ch and in each ch across, ch 3, turn your work. (16 dc)

Row 2: 1fpdc in each dc across, ch 3, turn your work. (16 fpdc)

Row 3: 1bpdc in each dc across, ch 3, turn your work. (16 bpdc)

Row 4 to Row 34: just rep Row 2 to Row 3, join last row to 1st row with sl st to form a hollow circle down with FP, bring in P.

Another Row where FP is in horizontal line.

Row 1: with P, [ch 2, 2dc in between 2 prev dc, skip 1 row of prev dc, 1 sl st in next dc row] rep 16x, sl st in between 1st ch 3 and next dc, ch 1, turn your work. (17 diagonal box st, right side of work)

Row 2: sl st twice into the 1st slant stitch, ch 2, rep Row 1 to form the slant stitch all around, ch 1 turn your work. (17 diagonal box st, wrong side)

Row 3: rep Row 1, bring in FP, down with P. (17 diagonal box st, right side)

Row 4: with FP, ch 2, 1 sc in between ch 2 and dc in a slant st, ch 1 into sc of a diagonal box st repeat all around, ch 2. ( 34 ch sp)

Row 5: 1 sc in each previous ch, ch 1 in bet. Bring in P, down with FP. (34 sc and ch sp)

Row 6: with P, ch 2 into 1st previous sc, 2 dc in same st to form a diagonal box st, 1 sc into 3rd ch sp, rep the slant st all around, ch 1, turn your work. (14 diagonal box st)

Row 7: repeat process to make diagonal box st on the wrong side. (14 diagonal box st)

Row 8: repeat process to make diagonal box st on the right side of work. Bring in FP, down with P. (14 diahonal box st)

Row 9: with FP ch 2, rep Row 4, join with sl st.(28 ch sp)

Row 10: ch 1, 1 sc in each ch sp, join with sl st. (28 hdc)

Row 11: ch 1, 1 hdc in each sc st, join with sl st.

Row 12: ch 1, 1 sc in each hdc, cut longer, make a knot and weave ends. (28 sc)

Grateful that I bought buttons before, now I used it as a cover up for the row endings. I love this cutie button designs. I sewed the fuchia pink flowerettes to match the beanie.




May you like what I made, you can make your own just comment on what part of the pattern you have a question.

Definitely, I will make couple of extras and for hubby, too. I also need to make crocheted socks to protect our feet. That will be next blog.

Thanks for dropping by...


Thanks much as always founder of this Needleworkmonday Community @crosheille and the active admins @marblely @shanibeer @muscara for this day is our opportunity to show our passion.



Wow! it is so nice, Sis. I am also making my own Messy Bun. Yes, it is necessary and I like the comfy feeling of it as it has a breathable space on the head for the hair.

Ang hands sis. I hope you can buy me some materials for that. Will send you the amount ok.

Sis @sarimanok it is already available here in Cebu I will try order from one of our Cebu Crochet Group.

Ay maayo sis

The fiery pink is such a wonderful color and the open hat is a fun idea for a bad hair day. But I admit I had to smile at the „cold“ 21 degrees... here we have currently frost, means around 0 degrees. The water in our garden was completely frozen.

I am looking forward to your crochet sock post, as I am always on the hunt for good patterns, which are warm and flexible (sometimes crochet socks are a bit stiff)

Oh oh hahaha maybe my heart stop beating with that temperature. I tried Australia before it was November our 1 month free staycation, almost Australians wore just daily clothes for summer but me felt freezing.I can't stand cold weather. Hope I can make the socks I hav'nt tried it yet.

I on the contrary have problems in heat (but I must admit that our homes are not suited to very warm weather... ) I melt if its over 30 degrees, especially when its very humid. I don’t like freezing either, but I can put on more clothes to stay warm, its not so easy to escape the heat. For us its good the temperatures dropped, as it is always too warm here because of the climate crisis.
I send you a bit of sunny vibes and hope you will get milder weather.

Thank you much...during lunch time it is hot 30°c to 32°C...