My New Sewing Machine Cover

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I went to the post office this morning to pick up my package that was not delivered Friday or Monday. The postal worker told me that they are so far behind on processing packages that they can not keep up due to absentee employees affected by the virus. I was glad that he could locate my embroidery carriage because I brought it home and put it to use immediately. I hoped that it would work okay because I heard something rattling around when I unboxed it. I started to open it up but decided against it. I attached it to my machine and I was also able to try out a new embroidery cartridge that I also purchased from Ebay. My machine is so old that any part or embroidery card is considered vintage and is extremely hard to find. When I do find the cards, they are usually very expensive.


I started of by choosing a heart motif for the center of the cover. I chose some red thread for the heart because my original cover had a red painted heart on it. I absolutely love how the red heart came out. I can see myself using this particular design in the future.


I chose my variated blue thread for the "I" and the word "MY". I'm not crazy about how it looks, but I will have to be satisfied with it for now. I tried that same thread on black denim and I didn't like how it appeared either. I don't know color would make it "pop".


I used a different font for the word "SINGER" to duplicate the original font on my old plastic cover. I also used my serger to sew it together once the embroidery was finished. Somehow, I cut one piece of the pattern too short. Who knows what I was thinking about when I should have been concentrating on what I was doing. Oh well. I'll do better on the next one that I make for my Brother machine. I does not have a cover at all.


I left the edges raw until I can figure out what to do about the shortened length in the front. I still have a large piece of fabric left. I may attach a longer strip and add pockets to it like I saw on another person's post.

All in all, it serves it's purpose. It will keep dust and lint out of my machine when it is not in use.

Enjoy your day.



It is awesome that you got that done!!

Thank you. I still need to do a little bit more. My sister suggested that I add a small ruffle at the bottom.