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RE: The First Backpack Made 90% Of Recycled Materials

in NeedleWorkMonday3 months ago

Looks really awesome! I love creations that are made of recycled material and the way you used the pocket was a good choice.


Many thanks, I'm doing what I can to stop waste and always looking for a new idea.

Denim is such a good material to use again. Almost anywhere! Here's one of my creations. About 10 years ago so a bit worn out but still in use. The chair itself is inherited from my parents and looks like a 70's piece so it's at least 40 years old.


Lol, how funny is life indeed. I'm planning to redo my office chair as it needs some improvement and you're posting this image.
I love it, it's very retro, my style. Thanks for the photo!

Perhaps you soon have a denim office chair. :)

I hope next week if everything goes well, or the week after that 😊