Amigurumi #78: Conejo tejido a crochet

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Conejo macho

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La vez pasada tejí a coneja-cordero, esta vez realicé algunos cambios a pedido del cliente. Quedó curioso, y me alegra que aya tenido acogida luego de cambiarle los colores del patrón base. Para esta versión, le agregué una gorrita a manera de boina y una chalina, para que haga juego.

Last time I knitted a lamb-bunny, this time I made some changes at the customer's request. It was curious, and I'm glad that it has already been accepted after changing the colors of the base pattern. For this version, I added a beanie and a scarf to match.


A tejer:

La imagen muestra dos accesorios (figura a); la chalina fue tejida con un punto extraño, fue sacado de "El príncipe del crochet" (enlace al final), consiste en tejer con un punto 3 hileras. Para la gorra, se inició con un anillo mágico, seguido de aumentos en cada vuelta. Se llegó a tejer hasta 3 vueltas (en aumentos) mas grande que la cabeza del conejo. Después se tejió 2 vuelas de disminuciones. Para la parte del elástico (figura b), fue tejido en puntos altos y la siguiente vuelta con punto relieve. Por último se tejió con puntos bajos la parte de la visera (figura c).

The image shows two accessories (figure a); the scarf was woven with a strange stitch, it was taken from "The Prince of Crochet" (link at the end), it consists of knitting with a 3 row stitch. For the cap, it was started with a magic ring, followed by increments in each row. It was possible to knit up to 3 rows (in increments) bigger than the rabbit's head. After that, 2 flights of decreases were started. For the elastic part (figure b), it was woven in high stitches and the next lap with a relief stitch. Finally the visor part was knitted with low stitches (figure c).


¡Y eso es todo!,

¡…Hasta la próxima!
See you next time!

    Dato curioso: La gorra tiene 2 agujeros para las orejas, aunque cuando solo le coloqué una oreja recién parece boina (la última foto).
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Manually curated by blacklux 💡Ice cream slayer 🍦 from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for the support and commentary, that is quite motivating.

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Oh this is so cute! How much time does it take you to finish such a piece? It looks like a meticulous work!

Hey, this bunny is one of the simplest. Recommended for those who are just getting started in knitting. The time is about 7 hours. Thank you so much for commenting.

Hello! 7 hours! That is quite impressive for a knitted rabbit. Congratulations! It is beautiful to see that you have so much patience to do this kind of work.