DIY - Turning Every Piece Into Something Great

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In September I decided to diversify my Etsy portfolio and make some make up bags as well, not just denim bags.


Mixing different shades of fabric is what I love the most now, plus adding some original sewing lines, kind of makes the product.



These pieces were of a pair of jeans I used for a nice backpack not long ago and I kept these as I knew it would be great for another project.




Sewing together the pieces, one by one, I got to this piece.


Up until now these original sewing lines hasn't been important for me as I can't recreate them with my sewing machine, so the best thing for me has been to take out the stitches and use the fabric as it is.


I got to this point and realized it's not worth to use this nice piece on a cosmetic bag, as it could be turned into a nice shoulder bag.



After adding more fabric to it, I got this piece of 40cm x 40cm. As you can see, the sides are of a different color, which makes it more interesting.


The back is plain and simple, cur out of the leg of the jeans.


The carry straps are 70cm x 7.5cm, which in the end makes them 2.5cm wide, the perfect size for these kinds of bags. One end is a bit lighter as the jeans was more worn on the end, which for me is not a problem, makes the bag more interesting.




This is how it looked like after I sewed the front and back together. I actually like how the strap is getting lighter on one side.



For this one I used a 40cm black zipper, the end of which had to be covered. For that I uses a 4.5cm x 9cm denim piece.



Sewed the sides on the wrong side, turned inside out and covered the end of the zipper with it. I'm not very proud of the quality, the sewing could have been nicer but can't change it now. Better luck next time or do a better work.


Then I applied the zipper and the two denim pieces to the lining.



As lining I used a checkered shirt and made 3 pockets, so whoever the owner of this bag may be, have plenty of storage space.


The other side of the lining is simple, has no pocket. I usually make four pockets, but in this case the shirt had no original pocket and I forgot to make one for this side to be honest, so it has only three pockets.


I really love this bag, was thinking of keeping it but then again, I love all the begs and can't keep them all, so I'm going to sell it. There's another one ready, a very interesting one, that I'm going to post after the hardfork.

Please feel free to check out my Etsy store.


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I really love the different shades of jean on this one. That lining goes really nicely!

Thank you for another great tutorial and for all the effort you put into your publications ~ 😉

Thank you my dear friend! I'm glad you see it that way, feedback is important here ☺️


It surely is ~ 😊

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Looks really really nice! I wish I would be as talented as you are! 😍 A sewing mashine and myself are not a great combo 🤣 Hope you have a great day! :)

Thank you so much for the nice words 😊
Trust me, it's not that hard, no special talent needed here. In March this year I knew nothing at all, had no idea how to use my sewing machine that has been sitting in the box for 3 years 😁
But there's YouTube with a bunch of tutorials, so that is enough.


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Really great work, not that I'm an expert on handbags or anything though. 🙂 Pretty nifty however.

Thank you Galen, I'm really glad you like it. Coming from a guy, it really means a lot to me 😀


Well, I showed Faith, my much better half and she thought your bags are cool too. 😁

Even better! Thank you 😊

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Many thanks, I really appreciate the support!

I always love how your bags turn out and how clever you use the fabric you have. You manage to transform a jeans seam into a design - that’s really amazing <3 <3

Aww, how sweet of you, thank you! I'm trying to do my best and create something using what I have. I'm so glad you like it 😊


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