Sweet watermelon felt pouch - easy handmade how to

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Hello, friends!
I just finished one of the handmade from felt, a pouch and it had the sweet sliced of watermelon. So easy to make!

Materials and things needed:
unused paper
Felt Fabrics (red, green, black)
10 cm red zipper
Embroidery floss (2 strains of each black, red, green)
Sewing needle

How to make it:
First, make 2 patterns of half circle, i cut it from the paper, to make it thicker i fold it in the middle then cut. Transfer the shape on the red and also green felt. Cut it all off. Then, cut the black felt to make the seeds.

Then sew the black seeds on the red felt. Next sew the green felt unto the red felt. Just like below. Make for the front and also back, so you need to make two of it.

Then sew them on the zipper like below. Blanket stitch the outter parts with the red floss.

Last, make the key chain. Cut the felt of red and also green, 2 of red and a green, all half circle. Then hand embroider the red with black floss to make the seed. Cut the green felt into a long rectangle to join the key chain with the zipper.

Last, blanket stitch the red embroidered felt unto the green felt for the key chain. Voila, now it is ready to used.


Hope you like it.
Happy stitching!


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thank you :)

Beautiful work @devyleona! ❤️. Colorful and completely handmade. I loved the little mini-watermelon detail on the zipper. 😍

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hi @lauramica!

thank you, you could make one for yourself too.

thanks about the tag, yesterday was monday here so i put the needleworkmonday :)