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RE: Una intima prenda de algodón

in NeedleWorkMonday2 months ago

Hello @jennynas and welcome to the NeedleWorkMonday Community!

I think it’s amazing you have the ability to make your own under garments. These turned out really nice and I love the colors. Thank you for sharing the process of your work with us :)

Every week needleworkers from around the globe get together to share our work, patterns, tips, ideas and shortcuts as we support one another. Our goal is to inspire the Hive blockchain to give crafting a try.

On Monday’s we use the #needleworkmonday tag and on all other days we use the #needlework tag without the word Monday attached. We share and post our work directly from the Community page.

We encourage our members to share the process of their work through photos (as you have done above). This not only validates your work but it takes us along the creative journey with you :)

For more information about what we do and for our posting guidelines please visit our FAQs.

Thank you ~


Hola graciasssss por tus observaciones las tomare en cuenta, solo que quise publicar en la comunidad correcta pero ya me programe para los lunes compartir otro proyecto... Gracias y estaré atenta para publicar segun sus sugerencias

You are very welcome :)